Coolus helmet

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Development of the
legionary helmet or galea
File:Musée Cinquantenaire Celtic helmet.jpg
Bronze Gallic helmet, Coolus-Manheim-type; From the region of Tongeren, Belgium; Now in the Musée du Cinquantenaire, Brussels.

The Coolus helmet was a type of ancient Celtic and Roman helmet. It was produced from brass and, like the Montefortino type with which it co-existed, was a descendent of Celtic helmet types.

It was fairly plain, except for some ridges or raised panels on the cheekpieces. It was globular or hemispherical in shape (some were spun on a lathe rather than hammered to shape) with a turned or cast soldered- or riveted-on crest knob.

The Coolus was replaced by the Imperial helmet type, a more developed form also derived from a Celtic original.