Cork City Council

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Cork City Council
Comhairle Cathrach Chorcaí
Seats 31
Cork City Council Composition.png
Political groups
     Fianna Fáil (10)
     Sinn Féin (8)
     Fine Gael (5)
     Anti-Austerity Alliance (3)
     Workers Party (1)
     Independent (4)
Last election
23 May 2014
Meeting place
Cork City Hall01 2009-04-30.jpg
Cork City Hall
File:Cork City in Ireland.svg
The area governed by the council

Cork City Council (Irish: Comhairle Cathrach Chorcaí) is the authority responsible for local government in the city of Cork in Ireland. As a city council, it is governed by the Local Government Act 2001. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment. The council has 31 elected members. Elections are held every five years and are by single transferable vote. The head of the council has the honorific title of Lord Mayor of Cork. The city administration is headed by a Chief Executive, Ann Doherty. The council meets at Cork City Hall. The 2015 Cork Local Government Review has recommended merging Cork City Council and Cork County Council into a single "super council", within which a metropolitan district council will govern the Metropolitan Cork area; however, a minority report opposes the merger.[1][2]


Prior to the enactment of the 2001 Act, the council was known as Cork Corporation. For the purpose of elections the city is divided into six local electoral areas: Cork North Central (5), Cork North East (4), Cork North West (4), Cork South Central (5), Cork South East (7) and Cork South West (6).[3] For the purpose of elections the city is divided into six local electoral areas (LEA).[4]

Area Seats
Cork City North Central 5
Cork City North East 4
Cork City North West 4
Cork City South Central 5
Cork City South East 7
Cork City South West 6

2014 seats summary

Party Seats
Fianna Fáil 10
Sinn Féin 8
Fine Gael 5
Anti-Austerity Alliance 3
Workers' Party 1
Independent 4

Councillors by electoral area

This list reflects the order in which councillors were elected on 23 May 2014.[5]

Council members from 2014 election
Local electoral area Name Party
Cork City North Central Thomas Gould Sinn Féin
Mick Barry Anti-Austerity Alliance
Kenneth O'Flynn Fianna Fáil
Lil O'Donnell Anti-Austerity Alliance
John Sheehan Fianna Fáil
Cork City North East Stephen Cunningham Sinn Féin
Ted Tynan Workers' Party
Tim Brosnan Fianna Fáil
Joe Kavanagh Fine Gael
Cork City North West Mick Nugent Sinn Féin
Tony Fitzgerald Fianna Fáil
Kenneth Collins Sinn Féin
Marion O'Sullivan Anti-Austerity Alliance
Cork South Central Mick Finn Independent
Fiona Kerins Sinn Féin
Paudie Dineen Independent
Tom O'Driscoll Fianna Fáil
Sean Martin Fianna Fáil
Cork South East Kieran McCarthy Independent
Chris O'Leary Sinn Féin
Des Cahill Fine Gael
Laura McGonigle Fine Gael
Terry Shannon Fianna Fáil
Nicholas O'Keeffe Fianna Fáil
Shane O'Shea Sinn Féin
Cork South West John Buttimer Fine Gael
Henry Cremin Sinn Féin
Mary Shields Fianna Fáil
Fergal Dennehy Fianna Fáil
P. J. Hourican Fine Gael
Thomas Moloney Independent

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