Corrado III Trinci

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Corrado III (or IV) Trinci (fl. 1421 – June 14, 1441) was lord of Foligno from 1421 until 1439.

Trinci ruled Foligno with his brothers Niccolò and Bartolomeo, until their assassination by the castellan of Nocera Umbra. Corrado Trinci took his revenge by attacking the town and killing the castellan.

Initially a fierce enemy of the Pope, Trinci was known for plundering monasteries. Attacked by Francesco I Sforza, however, he obtained the title of vicar of Foligno and Nocera Umbra from Pope Martin V. After this appointment, Trinci was sent to recapture Perugia, held at the time by Oddo Fortebracci. In 1428, however, he again rebelled against the Church.

Peace with Rome was restored by 1435, but Trinci maintained his control of Montefalco. When Trinci favoured the rebellion of Piero Tomacelli in Spoleto, Pope Eugene IV sent Cardinal Giovanni Vitelleschi to destroy him. The siege of Foligno ended in 1439, when he was betrayed by the population and taken prisoner. He died in the castle of Soriano, strangled along with his two sons.


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Preceded by
Lord of Foligno
Together with Niccolò
and Bartolomeo until 1421
To the Papal States