Council of Auxerre

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The Council of Auxerre was a local church council which was important in illustrating customs both among the newly converted Teutonic tribes and their Gallo-Roman neighbours. They were held in the Ancient Diocese of Auxerre.[1]

In 585 (or 578) a Council of Auxerre held under St. Annacharius formulated forty-five canons, closely related in context to canons of the contemporary Council of Lyon and Council of Mâcon. Many of the decrees are directed against remnants of heathen barbarism and superstitious customs; others bear witness to the persistence in the early Middle Ages in France of certain ancient Christian customs.

The canons of the council of 695, presumably the last Frankish council before the 742/3 Concilium Germanicum,[2] are concerned chiefly with the Divine Office and ecclesiastical ceremonies.


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