Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg

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Count Flemming Valdemar
Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg
Born (1922-03-09)9 March 1922
Stockholm, Sweden
Died 19 June 2002(2002-06-19) (aged 80)
Antibes, France
Spouse Alice Ruth Nielsen
Issue Count Axel
Count Birger
Count Carl Johan
Countess Désirée
Full name
Flemming Valdemar Carl Axel
House Glücksburg
Father Prince Axel of Denmark
Mother Princess Margaretha of Sweden

Count Flemming Valdemar of Rosenborg (Danish: Prins Flemming Valdemar Carl Axel til Danmark til Ísland and later Danish: Greve Flemming Valdemar af Rosenborg (9 March 1922, Stockholm – 19 June 2002, Antibes), was a former Danish and Icelandic prince.


Prince Flemming was the youngest son of Prince Axel of Denmark (himself a son of Prince Valdemar of Denmark) and Princess Margaretha of Sweden.[1]

He renounced his rights to the throne in 1949 and took the title Count of Rosenborg. Flemming served in the Royal Danish Air Force and achieved the rank of Wing commander.


He married in Copenhagen on 24 May 1949 Alice Ruth Nielsen (Copenhagen, b. 8 October 1924; d. 25 July 2010) and have four children, ten grandchildren and four great-grandchildren:

  • Count Valdemar Georg Flemming Axelof Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen 24 January 1950) he married Jane Glarborg on 24 May 1975 and were divorced in 1986. They have two children and two grandchildren. He remarried Jutta Beck on 10 December 1988. They have two children.
    • Countess Julie of Rosenborg (b. Ålborg, 10 May 1977)
    • Count Carl Johan of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 15 November 1979) he married Sidsel Lykke Nielsen on 4 September 2010. They have two
      • Countess Dagmar af Rosenborg (2011)
      • Count Valdemar of Rosenborg (2014)
    • Countess Désirée Christine of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 25 December 1990)
    • Count Alexander Flemming of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 4 November 1993)
  • Count Birger Valdemar Georg Flemming Kai Axel, Count of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 24 January 1950) he married Minna Benedicta Tillisch on 19 October 1974 and were divorced in 1978. They have one daughter and two granddaughters. He remarried Susanne Kristensen on 28 November 1974 and were divorced in 1990.
    • Countess Benedikte Margaretha Dagmar of Rosenborg (b. Ærøskøbing, 20 July 1975) she has two illegitimate daughters with Laust Nimand Kousted Hansen (1976)
      • Mai Kousted Rosenborg (2011)
      • Liv Kousted Rosenborg (2014)
  • Count Carl Johan Valdemar Georg Flemming Kai Axel of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 30 May 1952) he married Dorritt Olsen on 3 September 1982 and were divorce in 1986. They have one daughter. He remarried Colette Cabral on 19 November 1994 and were divorce 2004. They have one daughter. He married Lisa Jeanne Stollar on 20 September 2013 and they divorced in 2016.
    • Countess Caroline of Rosenborg (b. Gentofte, 30 March 1984)
    • Countess Josephine Coco of Rosenborg (b. London, 24 June 1999)
  • Countess Désirée Märtha Ingeborg of Rosenborg (b. Copenhagen, 2 February 1955) she married Fergus Stuartson Smith on 23 May 1981 and were divorced in 1987. She remarried Peter Rindom on 6 February 1988.
    • Dana Maerta af Rosenborg Smith (b. Copenhagen, 31 December 1981)
    • Thomas Rindom (b. Gentofte, 13 September 1988)
    • Philip Axel Rindom (b. Gentofte, 6 November 1990)


Notes and references

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