Cyprianus of Constantinople

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His All Holiness
Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Church Church of Constantinople
Diocese Constantinople
See Ecumenical Patriarchate
Installed 1707, 1713
Term ended 1709, 1714
Predecessor Neophytus V, Cyril IV
Successor Athanasius V, Cosmas III
Personal details
Denomination Eastern Orthodox Church
Occupation Ecumenical Patriarch

Cyprianus (Greek: Κυπριανός) served as Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople twice, in 1707-1709 and 1713-1714.

He served as metropolitan bishop of Kayseri. On 25 October 1707 he was elected Patriarch, succeeding Neophytus V.

He gave emphasis to the strictness of clerics' lives and preserved up to today, is his circular about clergy being forbidden to use bright clothing («μὴ λαμπραῖς ἐσθῆσι χρῆσθαι τοῖς ἱερωμένοις»). He made, though, enemies and was led to his deposition in May 1709. Later, he was exiled to Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos.

In November of 1713, when Cyril IV of Constantinople refused the increase to the tax to Sublime Porte and resigned, Cyprianus was reelected Patriarch. Neither he, though, was able to pay the tax of 25,000 Kuruş and he resigned again on 28 February 1714.