Da pacem Domine

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Da pacem Domine (Give peace, Lord) is the incipit of two different Latin texts, a hymn and an introit. Both have been the base for compositions to be used in church liturgy, beginning with chant. Paraphrased versions of the hymn were created by Martin Luther in German in 1524, Verleih uns Frieden, also frequently set by composers. In English, the hymn entered the Book of Common Prayer, Give peace in our time, O Lord.

The hymn


The text is a 6th or 7th-century hymn based on biblical verses 2 Kings 20:19, 2 Chronicles 20:12,15 and Psalms 72:6-7.[1]

Settings of the Latin hymn include Da pacem Domine by Arvo Pärt (2004).


Martin Luther wrote a paraphrase in German, "Verleih uns Frieden".[1] Settings include a motet in the collection Geistliche Chormusik by Heinrich Schütz (published 1648).


A version in English, ""Give peace in our time, O Lord", is part of the Book of Common Prayer.[1][2] The similar phrase Peace for our time has been used in political context.

The introit

A different text with the same first line is the Introit for Pentecost XVIII, based on Sirach 36:18 and Psalms 122:1 (Psalm 121 in the Vulgate)

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