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File:Diplomatic missions of Denmark.png
Countries with Danish diplomatic missions

This is a list of diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Denmark or the Unity of the Realm. The Kingdom of Denmark maintains 76 embassies abroad, and the diplomatic network today reflects a modern strategy in many Western countries to maximise efficiency and relevance.[1]


File:Danish embassy Bratislava October 2006 029.jpg
Embassy of Denmark in Bratislava
File:2010 dh ambassade denemarken.JPG
Embassy of Denmark in the Hague
Embassy of Denmark in London
Embassy of Denmark in Reykjavík
File:Danmarks hus 2009.jpg
Embassy of Denmark in Stockholm
File:Taani.IMG 3299.JPG
Embassy of Denmark in Tallinn
File:Royal Danish Embassy in Japan 2010.jpg
Embassy of Denmark in Tokyo
File:Embassy of Denmark in Lithuania1.JPG
Embassy of Denmark in Vilnius
Embassy of Denmark in Washington, DC
File:Zrinjevac embassies 20091011 0899.JPG
Embassy of Denmark in Zagreb





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