Dark Heritage

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Dark Heritage
File:Dark Heritage poster.jpg
Directed by David McCormick
Produced by David McCormick
Tom Brewer
Based on The Lurking Fear 
by H.P. Lovecraft
Starring Mark LaCour
Tim Verkaik
Eddie Moore
Joan Parmelee
David Hatcher
Todd Leger
Joe Jennings
Music by Jesse Carnes
Edited by David Wayne
Cornerstone Films
Sterling Pictures
Distributed by Cornerstsone Video
Running time
94 minutes

Dark Heritage (UK: Dark Heritage: The Final Descendant) is a 1989 American horror film produced and directed by David McCormick. It is an unofficial adaptation of H. P. Lovecraft's short story "The Lurking Fear" and the first of three film adaptations of H.P Lovecraft's short story.


Following a violent storm, a small campsite in the Southern states is found littered with mutilated bodies. Journalist Clint Harrison investigates and learns of a family called the Dansens who kept a terrible secret. Resolving to get to the bottom of things, Harrison and his buddies decide to spend the night in the abandoned Dansen home with the result that there are more deaths, and Harrison finds out a terrible truth: he is related to the Dansens.


  • Mark LaCour as Clint Harrison
  • Tim Verkaik as Jack
  • Eddie Moore as Mr. Daniels
  • Joan Parmelee as Mrs. Daniels
  • David Hatcher as Greg
  • Todd Leger as Daryl
  • Joe Jennings as Roger

Johnny Grimmet, Shane Grimmet, Mark McCormick, John Reed, and James Verkaik portrayed the creatures in the film.


The film was released on DVD by TBC on Aug 11, 2003.[1]

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