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File:Dean of Jersey Saint Helier pilgrimage 2007.jpg
The Dean of Jersey, Bob Key, leading the service at Elizabeth Castle during the annual Saint Helier Day pilgrimage, 2007

The 'Dean of Jersey' is the leader of the Church of England in Jersey. He is ex officio a member of the States of Jersey, although since the constitutional reforms of 1948 the Dean may not take part in parliamentary votes. The Dean acts as the chaplain of the States Assembly and may speak in debates on any matter.

The Dean is appointed by the Crown by means of letters patent and sworn into that office by Jersey's Royal Court. The Dean also serves as rector of one of the Parishes of Jersey and is instituted and inducted in that office by the Bishop of Winchester. Since 1784 it has been customary (but not obligatory) for the Dean to also be the rector of the Parish Church of St Helier, but this has not always been the case. For example, William Corbet Le Breton, father of Lillie Langtry, was rector of Saint Saviour at the time he became Dean, though transferred to St Helier in 1875.

Since 1661, the Dean of Jersey has a seal of pointed ellipse type. The arms of the deanery impale those of each individual (or alternatively a monogram).

The Dean of Jersey presides over the ecclesiastical court.

List of Deans

From To Dean of Jersey
1620 1645 David Bandinel
1645 1661 vacant
1661 1671 Philip Le Couteur
1672 1714 Clement Le Couteur
1714 1728 Thomas Le Breton
1729 1775 Francis Payn
1775 1802 Francis Le Breton
1823 1837 Corbet Hue
1838 1844 Francis Jeune
1850 1883 William Corbet Le Breton
1888 1906 George Orange Balleine
1906 1937 Samuel Falle
1937 1959 Matthew Le Marinel
1959 1971 Alan Stanley Giles
1971 1985 Thomas Goss
1985 1993 Basil O'Ferrall
1993 2005 John Seaford
2005 present Bob Key


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