Denmark–Republic of Macedonia relations

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Danish–Macedonian relations
Map indicating locations of Denmark and Macedonia



Denmark–Republic of Macedonia relations refers to relations between Denmark and the Republic of Macedonia. The Danish embassy in Vienna, Austria is responsible for its relations with Macedonia and Macedonia has an embassy in Copenhagen.[1][2] Denmark recognized Macedonia on 16 December 1993.[3] Denmark has had an ambassador in Vienna accredited with the Macedonia since January 1994. Macedonia has maintained an embassy in Copenhagen since 1996.[2] On 1 April 2002, Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller visited Macedonia, where he met the Macedonian Prime Minister Ljupčo Georgievski.[4]

Denmark assists the Republic of Macedonia in strengthening civil society and free media. In the South East Europe Programme, Denmark assists in the four main areas: youth, refugees and displaced persons, human rights, and Mass media. 159 million DKK has been given to the programme, and 73 million DKK again in 2004.[5]

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