Der Marsch zum Führer

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Der Marsch zum Führer
Starring Rudolf Hess
Adolf Hitler
Baldur von Schirach
Release dates
  • 1940 (1940)
Running time
45 minutes
Country Nazi Germany
Language German

Der Marsch zum Führer (English: The March to the Führer) is a Nazi propaganda film released in 1940. It depicts the nationwide march of Hitler Youth (HJ) to Nuremberg for the Nazi Party Rally. Unlike the earlier Leni Riefenstahl Nuremberg documentaries, it does not focus on the Party congress itself, or on Nazi leaders, who are not shown until the very end of the film. Instead, it follows HJ boys from various parts of Nazi Germany beginning their journey, camping along the route, being taken in by helpful families on the way and marching through cities in formation, saluting and carrying the swastika banner.

The film is quite short compared to earlier Nuremberg films, at approximately 45 minutes.


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