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A design brief is a written document for a design project developed in concert by a person representing the business need for design and the designer. The document is focused on the desired results of design – not aesthetics. Design briefs are commonly used in consulting engagements, when an independent designer or a design agency executes a design on behalf of a client. They are less common when the designer is in-house.

Design briefs are part of the design functions of companies and corporations, especially architecture, graphic design, product design and engineering firms. A design brief may use the following layout:

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. History
    • Company history
  4. Company Profile
    • Specializations
    • Designer Profile
    • Company Name
    • Past Accomplishments
  5. Problem Statement
    • Problem Description
    • Constraints
    • Budget
    • Time
    • Needs of the Problem
  6. Goals
    • What you plan to accomplish
      • Due dates
  7. Solution Analysis
  8. Synopsis
    • Evaluation
    • Conclusion/Summary

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