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Dew Tour
Formerly AST Dew Tour
Sport Extreme sports
Founded 2005
Country All
TV partner(s) NBC Sports
Official website

The Dew Tour is an extreme sports circuit organized by the Alli Sports division of NBC Sports Group.


The Dew Tour was originally formed as a joint venture between NBC Sports and Live Nation. In 2008, NBC sold a stake in the series to MTV Networks, forming a new joint venture Alli to manage the series, and broadcasting events on MTV2. Following the acquisition of NBC Universal by Comcast, MTV sold its stake back to NBC in June 2011, with events being aired on NBCSN and Comcast SportsNet networks.[1][2]

The first Winter Dew Tour, a spin-off focusing on winter sports, was held in late-2008/early-2009 with events in snowboarding and freestyle skiing.[3]

In the 2012 season, the Dew Tour was reduced to three stops from seven; with two summer events in Ocean City, Maryland and San Francisco, and a winter event in Breckenridge, Colorado; management argued that the increased saturation of extreme sports events made it harder to attract athletes to participate. Streetstyle and slopestyle events were also introduced in San Francisco and Breckenridge respectively. Although total attendance and television viewership was down for the season, the average attendance rose, and viewership of digital content also increased.[4]

In May 2013, the United States Ski and Snowboard Association reached an agreement with Alli to allow the Winter Dew Tour event in Breckenridge to serve as a qualifying event for the 2014 Winter Olympics team. The arrangement gave the USSA control over certain aspects of the event, such as its format, and selling advertising to its own official sponsors during the telecast, and to promote its own Grand Prix series.[5]

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