Dick Lucas (singer)

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Dick Lucas
File:Dick Lucas and Gray Madder.jpg
Dick Lucas with Gray Madder
Occupation singer

Dick Lucas is the British vocalist of the 1980s British anarcho-punk rock band Subhumans,[1] whom he joined in September 1980, as well as the ska-punk band Citizen Fish,[2] joined in 1990. Before that he had been vocalist in The Mental, from March 1979 to August 1980. Lucas' lyrical content ranged from his outrage and defiance at a system that had, in his perception, betrayed him to philosophical ruminations on the nature of conformity, group-think and the individual's place in society.[citation needed]

With the breakup of Subhumans in the mid 1980s came another band, Culture Shock, from 1986, followed by a short silence from Lucas, after which he formed Citizen Fish, a punk-ska group – currently featuring Subhumans bass player Phil on guitar, the newly added Silas on drums (presently replacing original member Trotsky), and long-time collaborator Jasper on bass guitar. Other side projects in recording and performance have included The Bungalow Band, The Clutton Brothers, a spoken word–stand-up poetry act, and playing keyboards with friends, Plymouth UK punk band, The Bus Station Loonies.

Lucas' later writing has proven to be less politically oriented, and heavier on social awareness, stressing understanding between people, and active communication.[3] During early 2010 he contributed a spoken piece about the 7 July 2005 London bombings for Global Parasite's song, "Seven Seven".

Lucas also appeared in the movie, Punk's Not Dead, where he discussed his views on punk rock and other philosophical issues.


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