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Dindo Yogo ,with his real name Théodore Dindo Mabeli, (December 30, 1955 in Lokutu – August 23, 2000) was a Congolese singer and musician. He was also called La Voix Cassée (the Broken Voice).

In 1978, Dindo Yogo joined Papa Wemba's Viva La Musica. In 1981 he left the band for the Langa Langa Stars founded by Verckys Kiamuangana, and in 1984 he made another move, this time to Zaiko Langa Langa. During that time, he also recorded a number of solo albums. In 1991, he left Zaiko Langa Langa, and went solo definitively until his death in 2000.

He died in August 2000, after suffering a collapse in Kinshasa from heart problems. He was married twice, and had several children. [1]


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  • 1985 Prix Nobel De La Paix 85 [or La Rock Star de Zaire]
  • 1987 Apres Leurs Tournées de Tokyo - Paris - Kinshasa
  • 1988 Dindo Yogo & Klay Mawungu (with Klay Mawungu)
  • 1989 Ngai Naye
  • 1989 C'est la vie ...
  • 1990 La Vie est heureuse... [or La Vie Est Heureuse Quand On Se Sent Aimer]
  • 1990 Chante Piscos [or Dindo Yogo Chante Esake Piscos]
  • 1993 Mukaji wani [or Groupe Ng Waka Aye "Mukaji Wani"]
  • 1994 Willo Mondo & La Congolaise [a re-release on one CD of two 1985 records by different artists; it contains all four tracks from Dindo Yogo's Prix Nobel de la Paix 85, and the four tracks from King Kester Emeneya's (of Victoria Eleison) Willo Mondo][7][8]
  • 1997 Laquelle Toi Choisir [or Laquelle toi choisir...? Oh la vie...!]
  • 1997 Succès des années 70
  • 1998 Soo Wa
  • 2000 + d'Amour
  • (unknown year) Dindo Yogo [a re-release on CD of Ngwaka Ayé, Ayé Lisusu! plus two tracks from C'Est La Vie][9]
  • (unknown year) Duo du Tonnerre
  • (unknown year) Pour un nouveau depart