Dirty Dozen (bicycle competition)

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The Dirty Dozen is an annual bicycle competition held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event features thirteen of the steepest hills in the Pittsburgh city area,[1][2] including Canton Avenue, which may be the steepest street in the world. The competition occurs annually on the Saturday following the Thanksgiving holiday each November. The event began with 5 riders, among them co-founder Danny Chew, in 1983 and grew to over 300 riders in 2011.[3] The riders travel between hills at a neutral pace. A whistle signals the rolling start of each hill. The top male and female riders on each hill score 1 to 10 points, with the first place rider scoring 10 points and the tenth place receiving 1 point. The final standings are established by cumulative points throughout the event. In order to qualify as a finisher, riders must complete each hill in the event without losing forward progress or dismounting from the bicycle. If a rider fails to maintain forward progress, he or she must descend to the bottom of the hill and ride to the top according to the event rules.


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