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In computing, Diskcopy is a command used on MS-DOS and PC DOS, OS/2, and Microsoft Windows for copying the complete contents of a diskette to another diskette.[1] The MS-DOS version was originally written in August 1982.[2][3]


  • Copy the complete contents of the diskette in Drive A drive to the diskette in B drive.
diskcopy a: b:
  • If you only have one diskette drive, you can diskcopy by typing the source drive only. The disk copy program will prompt you to insert the second(target) diskette once it finishes reading the complete contents of the first(source) diskette track by track into memory.
diskcopy a:
  • If you want to copy only the first side of the diskette, even if the target diskette is double sided, you can do so by using the /1 switch.
diskcopy a: /1
  • If you want to make sure the contents are written reliably, you can use the /V switch, but it will cost more time to copy.
diskcopy a: /V
  • Force diskcopy to use only the conventional memory for temporary storage:
diskcopy a: /M


Diskcopy does not work with hard disk drives, CDs, network drives, Zip drives, or USB drives, etc. It also does not allow diskcopy from 3.5 inch drive to 5.25 inch drives, and vice versa. The source and target drive must be the same size.[4]


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