Diva (Japanese band)

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Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Pop
Years active 2011 (2011)–2014 (2014)
Labels avex trax
Associated acts AKB48
Website avex.jp/diva/
Members Sae Miyazawa (SNH48/SKE48)
Ayaka Umeda (NMB48)
Sayaka Akimoto
Yuka Masuda(2011-2012, 2014)

Diva (stylized as "DiVA" or later "DIVA") were a sub-unit of the all-female Japanese pop group AKB48. Formed in 2011, the group disbanded in 2014. The name was stylized as DIVA for their final releases.[1]


The formation of Diva was revealed to Sayaka Akimoto and Sae Miyazawa on January 10, 2011,[2] and disclosed to public by the all Diva members at the AKB48 Theater on February 27, 2011. The initial four-member unit consisted of Sayaka Akimoto, Sae Miyazawa, Ayaka Umeda, and Yuka Masuda.[3] All four members are signed by the entertainment agency Flave Entertainment, formerly known as Office48. The concept of the unit is "The first-ever Dance & Vocal unit from AKB48".[4] They were originally scheduled to release their debut single on April 27, 2011,[5] but on April 1, it was announced that the release date had been postponed to May 18[6] due to the aftermath of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The A-side song, "Tsuki no Ura gawa" (月の裏側 Reverse side of the Moon?), was written by Akimoto, as well as some B-side songs including AKB48 Team-K's theater-performed song "Blue Rose", and one of the songs recorded on Type-B CD, "Information" (インフォメーション?), was written by Tetsuya Komuro.[7]

They performed publicly at the Kobe Collection in Shanghai on April 16, 2011, for the first time after the formation of the group.[8][9]

It was announced on the official Diva blog that Akimoto Sayaka would continue her activities in Diva even after leaving AKB48 on August 22, 2013 at AKB48's Tokyo Dome Concert while her last stage performance was to be on August 28.[8][9] In March 2014, Diva released a cover version of "Wow War Tonight" by H Jungle with t. The song was only available for download from SoftBank's mobile phone application, and did not feature Masuda.[10] In August 2014, it was announced that the group would be reuniting before the end of 2014 for the last time to release their final single, their first album, and a farewell concert. Former AKB48 member Masuda's participation was also confirmed.[1] This final single named "Discovery", was released on October 8, 2014, and was sold in four different versions.[11]



Sayaka Akimoto (AKB48's Team K)

Ayaka Umeda (NMB48)

Yuka Masuda (AKB48's Team K)

Sae Miyazawa (SNH48, SKE48)


Satoko Kasuya

Yuuki Futami

Atsuko Furukawa

Ramu Fukuno

Yuina Inoue

Ayaka Yamagami



Release Title Copies sold Chart positions
Oricon Singles Charts
Billboard Japan Hot 100
RIAJ digital tracks*
May 18, 2011 "Tsuki no Uragawa" (月の裏側?, "The Other Side of the Moon") 87,276 3 4 32
August 10, 2011 Cry 68,813 2 6 -
March 21, 2012 Lost the way 77,417 3 6 13
October 8, 2014 Discovery 30,159 4

*RIAJ Digital Tracks established April 2009.


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