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This article is about the former online division of the British "Dixons Retail plc". This is not related to the online business of the long-independent Dixons (Netherlands).
Online Retailer
Industry Retail
Fate Closed
Founded 1937
Defunct 9 October 2012
Headquarters Hemel Hempstead,
Key people
Per Bjørgås
(Managing Director)
Products White goods, Telecommunications, Information technology
Parent Dixons Retail plc

Dixons was an online retailer in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It was owned by Dixons Retail plc.

With its origins in a photographic shop opened by Charles Kalms, the chain had a store in most towns and cities across the UK and Ireland. On 5 April 2006, Dixons announced that they were removing the brand from the high street (except in Ireland) and would only be using the Currys brand, branded as Currys.digital. DSG Ireland followed suit in August 2008.[1]


Dixons store in Sheffield in 2000

The first Dixons was opened by Charles Kalms in Southend as a photographic studio in 1937. The business flourished during the Second World War, as there was much demand for photographic services and family portraits. By the end of the war Kalms had opened seven more studios in the London area. The demands for portrait services decreased considerably after the war, and he was forced to close all but one studio in Edgware, north London. The company was taken over by his son Stanley Kalms, who was chairman until 2002,[2][when?] and remains president of the Dixons Group for life.

On 5 April 2006 Dixons announced that there would no longer be any Dixons shops in Britain; shops would henceforth be named Currys.digital. This was said to signal a shift to more Internet-based selling and to "reduce confusion". Dixons stores were to be retained in Ireland, and in locations such as airports, and the Dixons website would continue. Dixons-named shops in Ireland were also discontinued in August 2008, being renamed Currys (not Currys.digital, however, and with a new Currys logo). A Dixons.ie internet site was set up.

Dixons branches in airports were re-branded as Dixons Travel from 2009,[3] and the new format was rolled out to many UK airports.


In October 2012, Dixons Retail announced that they would no longer trade using dixons.co.uk website.[4] All customers were redirected to Currys and PC World websites. The orders and agreements purchased on dixons.co.uk will continue to be honored by Currys and PC World sites.


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