Dobroniega of Poland

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Dobroniega of Poland (Polish: Dobroniega Ludgarda, German: Dobroniega (Luitgard) von Polen; b. c. 1129 – d. by 1160), was a Polish princess, a member of the House of Piast and by marriage the Margravine of Lusatia.

She was the daughter of Bolesław III Wrymouth, Duke of Poland, by his second wife Salomea, daughter of Henry, Count of Berg. She was probably named after her paternal great-grandmother, Maria Dobroniega of Kiev.


Around 1142, Dobroniega married Theodoric, second surviving son of Conrad, Margrave of Meissen and Lusatia.[1][2][3] After her wedding, she changed her name to Ludgarda.

During her marriage she bore her husband two children: a son, Conrad, and a daughter, Gertruda.[4] When Margrave Conrad died in 1157, he divided his domains between his sons; Dietrich became the Margrave of Lusatia (Orientalis marchio), and Dobroniega the Margravine consort. However, later Theodoric entered in a relationship with Cunigunde, the widowed Countess of Plötzkau, and abandoned Dobroniega,[5] but apparently without divorcing her.

Death and Aftermaths

Dobroniega's date of death remains unknown. Her last mention as a living person was on 26 October 1147, but certainly she was alive by 1157 when her husband succeeded in Lusatia; some sources have her dead by 1160.[6] Her son Conrad was killed in a tournament on 17 February 1175 and her daughter Gertruda became a nun in Gerbstedt.

Without surviving legitimate male issue, Margrave Theodoric I was succeeded upon his death in 1185 by his younger brother Dedi III.



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