Doctor Who Prom (2013)

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"Proms 2–3: Doctor Who Prom"
A screenshot from Doctor Who Prom 2013, with Dan Starkey (Strax, left) and Neve McIntosh (Vastra)
Series The BBC Proms
Length 95 minutes
75 minutes (TV edit)
Originally broadcast BBC Radio 3: 13 July 2013
BBC One: 26 August 2013
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Doctor Who Prom

The Doctor Who Prom 2013 was a concert showcasing music from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who, along with classical music, performed as part of the BBC's Proms series of concerts. The concert was performed with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales on 13 and 14 July 2013 and was hosted by actors Matt Smith, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey who portray the Eleventh Doctor, companion Clara Oswald, Madame Vastra and Strax respectively. The concert also featured guest appearances by Peter Davison and Carole Ann Ford who portrayed the Fifth Doctor and Susan Foreman.

The programme aired on Monday, 26 August 2013.[1][2]


Composer Title Length Description
"Part One"
Murray Gold "The Mad Man with a Box" 2:50
Murray Gold "I Am The Doctor" 4:57 This piece incorporated "Words Win Wars", a soundtrack from the 2010 episode "The Pandorica Opens"
N/A Skit 3:42 A pre-filmed skit was used to introduce Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman to the Proms, both persons in-character as the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald respectively. The Doctor proceeds to show Clara a "Hyperspace Body Swap" ticket, which can teleport them to the Proms, replacing two people already there (as he was unable to obtain tickets the conventional way). The Doctor scratches the ticket and the duo appear in the Royal Albert Hall amongst the orchestra. The Doctor also receives his body swap targets' short hair, thereby excusing Matt Smith's shaved head, which he had cut for his appearance in Lost River. Briefly intending to conduct the orchestra in place of Ben Foster with his sonic baton, the Doctor runs off with Clara when he hears the start of the 'Habanera' from "Carmen Suite No. 2" and notes that the last time heard Carmen, Clara (in her Oswin Oswald incarnation) was a Dalek.
Georges Bizet 'Habanera' from "Carmen Suite No. 2" 2:01 Originally published in 1887 following the release of Bizet's 1875 opera Carmen, the suite was featured in the 2012 episode "Asylum of the Daleks".
Murray Gold "The Companions" 6:57 The suite of music featured the themes of former companions Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Amy Pond.

"Rose's Theme", "Martha's Theme", "Donna's Theme", "Little Amy" and "The Life and Death of Amy Pond" were all included.

Murray Gold "Cyber Shard" 4:43 This composition featured selections from the 2013 episodes "The Bells of Saint John" and "Nightmare in Silver", introducing a variation of the Cybermen theme.

The song was introduced by Neve McIntosh and Dan Starkey in-character as Madame Vastra and Strax respectively.

Johann Sebastian Bach "Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565" 4:00 The work played was featured in the 1985 story Attack of the Cybermen, played by the Sixth Doctor when the TARDIS disguised itself as a pipe organ.
Murray Gold "The Final Chapter of Amelia Pond" 6:20 The suite featured music from the 2012 episode "The Angels Take Manhattan", and focused primarily on the departure of Amy Pond.
Murray Gold "The Rings of Akhaten" 5:23 Featuring Kerry Ingram and Allan Clayton as soloists, this suite featured the wide variety of music from the episode of the same name. The song was introduced by Neve McIntosh in-character as Madame Vastra.
"Part Two"
Murray Gold "All the Strange, Strange Creatures" 3:20 "All the Strange, Strange Creatures" was re-arranged to include "Locked On" (a variation of "I Am The Doctor") from the 2011 episode "The Doctor's Wife" at the end.

The song was introduced by Dan Starkey in-character as Strax, ostensibly as his field report D956/2.

Murray Gold "The Impossible Girl" 3:45 "The Impossible Girl" is the individual theme for Clara Oswald.

The song was introduced by Matt Smith as himself.

Claude Debussy "La Fille Aux Cheveux de Lin (The Girl with the Flaxen Hair)" 2:45 Composed in 1909–10 as a part of Debussy's First Book of Préludes, "The Girl with the Flaxen Hair" was premièred by pianist Walter Morse Rummel in 1910.[3] The piece was featured in the Fourth Doctor serial The Robots of Death.
Tristram Cary
Malcolm Clarke
Dudley Simpson
Paddy Kingsland
Peter Howell
Jonathan Gibbs
Mark Ayres
"Classic" Doctor Who Medley 7:56 A suite of music taken from "classic" Doctor Who stories, including The Daleks (1963/4), The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967), The Sea Devils (1972), City of Death (1979), Logopolis (1981), The Five Doctors (1983), The Ultimate Foe (1986) and The Curse of Fenric (1989).

The medley was introduced by Fifth Doctor actor, Peter Davison, as himself.

William Davenport
Jordan Picken
Gabe Stone
Matthew Owen
"Doctor Who Create a Soundtrack Winners" 2:56 Prior to the concert, a competition as held in which children could write their own soundtrack cues for clips from "The Snowmen" (2012). The winners of the "junior" category were William Davenport & Jordan Picken of Biddulph High School, and the winners of the "senior" category were Gabe Stone & Matthew Owen of Cirencester Deer Park School.
Murray Gold "First There Were Daleks" 5:25 The suite featured both "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night" from "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End" and music from "Asylum of the Daleks".

The medley was introduced by a squad of Daleks, voiced by Nicholas Briggs, mocking conductor Ben Foster's over-acting.

Murray Gold "The Name of the Doctor" 7:38 The suite featured music from the 2013 episode "The Name of the Doctor", including a re-arrangement of "This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home".

Introduced by original companion Carole Ann Ford (who had portrayed Susan Foreman), as herself.

Murray Gold "Song for Fifty" 10:50 An original song written by Gold to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Doctor Who. This song lasted around 10 minutes and has only ever been heard officially at the Doctor Who Proms 2013.
Murray Gold "Vale Decem" 3:30 The song that played when the Tenth Doctor regenerated was set to clips of all the Doctor's previous regenerations.
Ron Grainer "Doctor Who Theme" 1:36 A new arrangement of the theme tune by Murray Gold.

The piece was introduced by Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman as themselves. The tune played over the end credits and marked the end of the Prom.




Musical cast


The cast of monsters comprised:

  • Voice of the Daleks/Monsters – Nicholas Briggs
  • Judoon – Paul Kasey
  • Ice Warrior – Ross Mullan
  • The Silence – Jamie Hill
  • Cybermen – Simon Carew, Martin Challnor, Aiden Cook, Rauri Mears
  • Ood/Vigil – Matthew Doman, Kevin Hudson
  • Whispermen – Jon Davey, Claudio Laurini
  • Vampire Girls – Amber Doyle, Daisy Michie
  • Masked Silurian Warriors – Nathalie Cuzner, Barbara Fadden
  • Weeping Angel/Silurian – Marie McGonigle


The show was broadcast live on BBC Radio on 13 July 2013, with an edited 75-minute TV version following on 26 August. The televised program received positive reviews and attracted an overnight audience of 1.2 million which peaked at 1.6 million.[4]

Home media

After months of speculation and high demand, it was officially confirmed on 23 July 2014 that the Doctor Who Prom 2013 would be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 8 September 2014 as part of the limited edition "Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collection Boxset".[5]

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