Dorset County Division

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Dorset County Division
Division insignia of the Dorset County Division[1]
Active 24 February 1941-31 December 1941
Country United Kingdom
Branch British Army
Type Static Division

The Dorset County Division was formed on 24 February 1941. However it did not take over operational commitments from Southern Area until March 10 and it did not finally assume command of its allocated infantry brigades until 24 April. It only had a short existence, being reduced to an administrative headquarters on 24 November at midday. The whole headquarters was disbanded on 31 December.[2]

The division had one commanding officer, Major General G. I. Gartian.[2] It controlled the 210th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home), 220th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home) and 226th Independent Infantry Brigade (Home);[3] and was under the command of V Corps.[2]

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