Down Under the Kilt

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Down Under the Kilt is a Highland Dance concert series created by Australia Highland Dancer Douglas McFarland,[1] an Australasian[2] Highland Dancing Champion from the Central Coast of New South Whales.

First created in 2005, the concert series featured a number of Champion Highland Dancers including 4 time World Highland Dance Champion Gareth Mitchelson from Monifeith, Scotland, and was the first in a series that brought Champion Highland Dancers to the stage presenting technical and improvised Highland Dancing.

The 2nd installment of the show played at Laycock St Theatre,[3] North Gosford, featuring four time World Champion Jacqueline Smith, from Ontario, Canada, and a string of Australian Highland Dance Champions.

Titled Dreamtime Stories[4] the show presented Australia as influenced by Scottish migrants and was told in traditional and modern Highland Dance, Scottish Music and Song.

The third installment occurred in July 2009 and was an all-male show. The show, Reel Men do Dance, featured former World Champion Tony Cargill, Kyle Marston, Australian Champion, Vincent and Cameron Collins, Canadian Champions, Steve MacRae, American Champion, Desmond Worfolk, Canadian Champion, Douglas MacFarland, Australian Champion and the Highland Warriors, an all Male Youth Highland Dance Group from the Central Coast


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