Dream of Fair to Middling Women

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Dream of Fair to Middling Women
File:Dream Beckett.jpg
First edition
Author Samuel Beckett
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Black Cat
Publication date
1992 (written in 1932)
Media type Print (Hardcover & Paperback)
Pages 241 pp
ISBN 978-0-948050-09-1
OCLC 27052646

Dream of Fair to Middling Women is Samuel Beckett’s first novel. Written in English "in a matter of weeks" in 1932 when Beckett was only 26 and living in Paris, the clearly autobiographical novel was rejected by publishers and shelved by the author. It is set in the town of Kassel, Germany, where 17-year-old Peggy Sinclair, a cousin of Beckett, lived with her parents. Beckett made several visits in Kassel 1928-32. The novel was eventually published in 1992, three years after the author's death. The main character Belacqua, a writer and teacher, is very similar to Beckett himself, though a character named "Mr. Beckett" also makes an appearance in the book.