Dynasty Warriors 7

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Dynasty Warriors 7
European cover art
Developer(s) Omega Force
Publisher(s) Tecmo Koei
Director(s) Atsushi Miyauchi
Designer(s) Atsushi Ichiyanagi
Series Dynasty Warriors
Platforms PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Microsoft Windows
Release date(s)

          Xtreme Legends

              Microsoft Windows
                Genre(s) Hack and slash, Action
                Mode(s) Single-player, Multiplayer

                Dynasty Warriors 7 (真・三國無双6 Shin Sangokumusō 6?, known in Japan as Shin Sangokumusou 6) is a beat 'em up video game and the seventh official installment of the Dynasty Warriors series. It is developed by Omega Force and published by Tecmo Koei. The story is based on the Chinese writer Luo Guanzhong's historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The game was unveiled at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show. On October 26, it was revealed at the Koei Press Conference to have improved graphics and gameplay, with the support of stereoscopic 3D.[7] Tecmo Koei released it in North American on March 29, 2011, in Europe on April 8, 2011 and in Australia on April 14, 2011, after news that it has been delayed and was released on both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.[8][9] Tecmo Koei Japan had released Dynasty Warriors 7 with Xtreme Legends, along with downloadable content up to October 2011 released on PlayStation 3 version, on Microsoft Windows.[10]


                Dynasty Warriors 7 is the first game in the series to extend past the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. Consequently, the Jin Kingdom was added, bringing the total number of major factions to four.

                • This game's Musou mode is not character based but kingdom based.
                • The Renbu combat system has been removed, replaced by the return to the familiar charge system, which allows players to end increasingly longer combos with a charge attack of varying effect depending on the current situation. Characters are also allowed to wield more than one weapon during battle, with the ability to execute a special attack upon switching. In addition, both aerial musou attacks (depending on the character) and certain aerial combos have been introduced. Players will still be able to adjust the camera angle.
                • Character and weapon level development/customisation can now be done during battle. Players can also choose to switch their equipped weapons during battle and can obtain new weapons by defeating officers.
                • Characters have a special attack with a weapon indicated with an EX icon. The EX attack uses a sequence of attacks and/or charge attacks, and the result will vary with most characters. Characters also have 2 musou attacks that they perform using their Ex Weapon which can consist of grapples, midair, charges, quick/heavy strikes or a combo of hits performed in certain ways.
                • An additional mode known as Conquest Mode (Chronicle Mode for the Japanese version) has been incorporated into the game. Gameplay features include a player-forged path through China in which the player can also choose to play "Other" characters in the kingdom, due to the fact that they have not been given their own story in Story Mode. Conquest Mode will also feature both online and offline co-operative play. This mode also replaces the old Free Mode present in previous titles.
                • The morale bar has been removed from the visual interface; however, the morale system itself still remains and will be reflected from the messages of officers and their respective facial expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry etc.) when said message appears.
                • Some of the major battles are split into two parts, so the player can have a different perspectives of the battle. One example would be in Shu's Changban stage — the first part concentrating on Zhao Yun and the second part on Zhang Fei.
                • Swimming and climbing ladders from Dynasty Warriors 6 are once again present.
                • The Weapon system has been changed dramatically from previous titles and players can now choose up to 10 or 11 weapons from each weapon category, unique Weapons are once again available after being cut from Dynasty Warriors 6
                • Support animals which aid players in battle are included in this installment — some will follow and battle with the player; some can be ridden. Available animals are horses, bears, pandas, elephants, wolves, tigers and falcons.
                • Downloadable Content will be available. Content will include stages, music and costumes from previous games and some original costumes plus new weapons and the option to use the original Japanese Voices.


                * Denotes new characters to the series
                ** Denotes characters added through expansion titles
                Bold denotes default characters

                Shu Wei Wu Jin Other
                Bao Sanniang* Cai Wenji* Da Qiao Deng Ai* Diao Chan
                Guan Ping Cao Cao Ding Feng* Guo Huai* Dong Zhuo
                Guan Suo* Cao Pi Gan Ning Sima Shi* Lu Bu
                Guan Yu Cao Ren Huang Gai Sima Yi Meng Huo
                Huang Zhong Dian Wei Lian Shi* Sima Zhao* Yuan Shao
                Jiang Wei Guo Jia** Ling Tong Wang Yuanji* Zhang Jiao
                Liu Bei Jia Xu* Lu Meng Xiahou Ba* Zhu Rong
                Liu Shan* Pang De**[11] Lu Xun Zhong Hui*
                Ma Chao Wang Yi**[11] Sun Ce Zhuge Dan*
                Ma Dai* Xiahou Dun Sun Jian
                Pang Tong Xiahou Yuan Sun Quan
                Wei Yan Xu Huang Sun Shang Xiang
                Xing Cai Xu Zhu Taishi Ci
                Xu Shu** Zhang He Xiao Qiao
                Yue Ying Zhang Liao Zhou Tai
                Zhang Fei Zhen Ji Zhou Yu
                Zhao Yun
                Zhuge Liang

                Note: This is Cai Wenji's first appearance in a European or North American Dynasty Warriors game. She is, however, a playable character in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce 2, currently only available in Japan.[12]

                Note: Zuo Ci did not return due to a lack of story for him.

                Note: Guo Jia, Pang De and Wang Yi were added in Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends.

                Note: Xu Shu was added in Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires.

                Voice Cast

                Voice Actors

                Story Mode


                Stage The Name of Battle Year Events and Movies Ally
                01 Yellow Turban Rebellion - Part 1 184 AD Making a Stand
                Flames of the Heavens
                Pure of Heart
                Liu Bei Zhang Jiao Liu Bei
                Yellow Turban Rebellion - Part 2
                Yellow Turban Rebellion - Part 3
                02 Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 1 191 AD The Unknown Hero
                Blade of Righteousness
                The Beast
                Liu Bei
                Yuan Shao
                Dong Zhuo Guan Yu
                Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 2
                03 Battle of Xu Province 194 AD The Wanderer Liu Bei
                Tao Qian
                Cao Cao Zhang Fei
                04 Battle of Xiapi 198 AD The Spirit of a Warrior Liu Bei
                Cao Cao
                Lu Bu Guan Yu
                05 Battle of Guandu 200 AD Enter Zhao Yun
                Guan Yu's Offering
                The God of War Returns
                Liu Bei
                Yuan Shao1
                Sun Quan
                Cao Cao
                Yuan Shao1
                Zhao Yun
                06 Battle of Xinye 208 AD The Crouching Dragon
                The Power of Intelligence
                The Three Visits
                Liu Bei
                Sun Quan
                Cao Hong Zhang Fei
                07 Battle of Changban - Part 1 Conflict at Changban
                The Little One
                The Fearsome Zhang Fei
                Liu Bei
                Zhang Fei2
                Zhao Yun2
                Cao Cao Zhao Yun
                Battle of Changban - Part 2 Zhang Fei
                08 Battle of Chibi - Part 1 Southeastern Winds
                Fated Encounter
                A Dangerous Path
                New Allies
                Liu Bei
                Liu Qi3
                Zhuge Liang3
                Cao Cao Zhao Yun
                Battle of Chibi - Part 2 Guan Yu
                09 Battle of Luo Castle 215 AD The Phoenix Takes Flight
                The Death of Pang Tong
                Liu Bei
                Wei Yan
                Pang Tong
                Liu Xun Pang Tong
                10 Battle of Chengdu To Chengdu
                A Benevolent Ruler
                Liu Bei
                Ma Liang
                Liu Zhang Zhuge Liang
                11 Battle of Mount Dingjun 218 AD The Veteran's Duty
                Liu Bei
                Zhuge Liang
                Cao Cao Huang Zhong
                12 Battle of Fan Castle - Part 1 220 AD Guan Yu's Sons
                Blind Rage
                Liu Shan4
                Guan Yu4
                Cao Ren Guan Yu
                Battle of Fan Castle - Part 2 Guan Suo
                13 Battle of Yiling - Part 1 222AD To Liu Bei
                Calming the Storm
                The Task Left Unfulfilled
                Liu Bei
                Ma Su5
                Zhao Yun5
                Lu Xun Zhao Yun
                Battle of Yiling - Part 2 Zhuge Liang
                14 Battle of Tianshui 228 AD Zhuge Liang's Vow
                The Prodigy of Tianshui
                Spirit of Benevolence
                Liu Shan
                Fei Yi
                Jiang Wei
                15 Battle of Wuzhang Plains - Part 1 234 AD The Torch is Passed
                The Victor
                Shooting Star
                Liu Shan
                Zhuge Liang
                Sima Yi Jiang Wei
                Battle of Wuzhang Plains - Part 2
                1 Yuan Shao becomes enemy after Zhao Yun discovers Guan Yu.
                2 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Zhang Fei, and in Part 2 is Zhao Yun.
                3 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Liu Qi, and in Part 2 is Zhuge Liang.
                4 Ally Commander in Part 1 is Liu Shan, and in Part 2 are Liu Shan and Guan Yu.
                5 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Ma Su, and in Part 2 is Zhao Yun.


                Stage The Name of Battle Year Events and Movies Ally
                01 Dong Zhuo's Trap 189 AD The Corruption of the Han
                The Animal, Lu Bu
                Cao Cao Guo Si Cao Cao
                02 Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 1 191 AD The God of War Liu Bei
                Yuan Shao
                Dong Zhuo Xiahou Yuan
                Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 2
                03 Battle of Yan Province 194 AD Enter Dian Wei
                The Gentle Giant
                The Qingzhou Troops
                Cao Cao
                Cao Hong
                Xu Zhu Dian Wei
                04 Battle of Xu Province - Part 1 Elite Guards
                A New land
                Cao Cao
                Cao Ang
                Tao Qian Xu Zhu
                Battle of Xu Province - Part 2
                05 Battle of Wan Castle - Part 1 197 AD Jia Xu and Zhang Xiu
                The Death of Dian Wei
                The Meaning of Revenge
                Cao Cao
                Dian Wei1
                Yue Jin1
                Jia Xu Dian Wei
                Battle of Wan Castle - Part 2 Cao Cao
                06 Battle of Xiapi 198 AD Shattered Vision
                The Spirit of a Warrior
                The Value of the Emperor
                Liu Bei
                Cao Cao
                Cao Hong
                Lu Bu Xiahou Dun
                07 Battle of Guandu - Part 1 200 AD A Sharp Gaze
                Wuchao in Flames
                Looking into the Distance
                Cao Cao
                Cao Pi
                Cao Hong2
                Xiahou Dun2
                Cao Zhang2
                Xun Yu2
                Yuan Shao Cao Pi
                Battle of Guandu - Part 2
                08 Battle of Changban 208 AD The Duty of a Warrior
                Guardian of Changban
                A United Front
                Cao Cao Liu Bei3
                Guan Yu3
                Zhang Liao
                09 Battle of Chibi - Part 1 Bound by Honor
                A Time for Rest
                Cao Cao
                Cao Zhang4
                Liu Bei
                Sun Quan4
                Xu Zhu
                Battle of Chibi - Part 2 Cao Cao
                10 Battle of Tong Gate 211 AD The Strategist
                Ma Chao's Leap
                What Lies Ahead
                Cao Cao
                Xiahou Yuan
                Ma Chao Jia Xu
                11 Battle of Yangping Gate 215 AD Grace on the Battlefield Cao Cao
                Cao Xiu
                Zhang Lu Xiahou Yuan
                12 Battle of Hefei - Part 1 Swift as the Wind
                Guardian of Hefei
                Cao Cao
                Li Dian5
                Yue Jin
                Xue Ti5
                Sun Quan5
                Taishi Ci5
                Zhang Liao
                Battle of Hefei - Part 2
                13 Battle of Mount Dingjun - Part 1 218 AD Volley
                The Death of Xiahou Yuan
                One Life for Another
                Cao Cao
                Zhang He6
                Cao Zhi6
                Zhuge Liang Xiahou Yuan
                Battle of Mount Dingjun - Part 2 Zhang He
                14 Battle of Fan Castle - Part 1 220 AD Decision
                Final Confrontation
                The End of the Chaos
                Beyond Conquest
                A New Vision
                Cao Pi
                Lu Chang7
                Cao Ren7
                Guan Yu Xiahou Dun
                Battle of Fan Castle - Part 2
                1 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Dian Wei, and in Part 2 is Yue Jin.
                2 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 are Cao Hong and Xiahou Dun, and in Part 2 are Cao Zhang and Xun Yu.
                3 Must defeat Guan Yu even if Liu Bei has withdraws.
                4 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Cao Zhang, and another Enemy Commander in Part 1 is Sun Quan.
                5 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Li Dian, and in Part 2 is Xue Ti. Then must defeat Taishi Ci even if Sun Quan has withdraws.
                6 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Zhang He, and in Part 2 is Cao Zhi.
                7 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Lu Chang, and in Part 2 is Cao Ren.


                Stage The Name of Battle Year Events and Movies Ally
                01 Conquest of Liang Province 189 AD The Meaning of War
                Man and Beast as One
                The Passion of Youth
                Sun Jian Bian Zhang Sun Jian
                02 Ou Xing's Rebellion Where the Steely Gaze Roams
                The Bonds of Family
                Sun Jian
                Sun Quan
                Sun Kuang
                Sun Ce
                Ou Xing Sun Quan
                03 Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 1 191 AD The Magnificent Warrior
                A Worthy Fore
                The Imperial Seal
                Liu Bei
                Yuan Shao
                Dong Zhuo Sun Jian
                Elimination of Dong Zhuo - Part 2
                04 Battle of Jing Province The Tiger Falls Sun Jian Liu Biao Sun Ce
                05 Battle of Wujun - Part 1 199 AD Newfound Resolve
                The Eyes of a Warrior
                The Little Conqueror
                Sun Quan
                Sun Ce
                Liu Yao Zhou Yu
                Battle of Wujun - Part 2 Sun Ce
                06 Defense of Xuan Castle Badges of Honor Sun Quan
                Jiang Qin
                Pan Lin Zhou Tai
                07 Assault on Xuchang - Part 1 200 AD Echoes of the Past
                Guadian Angel
                The Little Conqueror Falls
                Sun Quan
                Sun Ce1
                Sun Shangxiang1
                Zhou Yu1
                Xiahou Dun Sun Ce
                Assault on Xuchang - Part 2 Sun Quan
                08 Battle of Xiakou 203 AD Wise Counsel
                Cooler Heads Prevall
                A Decision of Consequence
                Sun Quan
                Cheng Pu
                Huang Zu
                09 Battle of Chibi - Part 1 208 AD Cooking with Fire
                An Unexpected Change of Plans
                Liu Bei
                Sun Quan
                Song Qian2
                Zhuge Liang2
                Cao Cao Zhou Yu
                Battle of Chibi - Part 2 Huang Gai
                10 Battle of Nanjun Hidden Wounds
                True Strength
                Liu Bei
                Sun Quan
                Zhou Yu
                Cao Ren Gan Ning
                11 Battle of Hefei - Part 1 215 AD Gan Ning of the Bells
                Defender of Hefei
                The Escape
                Sun Quan
                Sun Kuang
                Ling Tong3
                Gan Ning3
                Cao Cao
                Zhang Liao
                Battle of Hefei - Part 2 Ling Tong
                12 Battle of Fan Castle - Part 1 220 AD Nothing to Lose
                The Price of Victory
                Sun Quan
                Cao Ren
                Lu Xun4
                Guan Yu Lu Meng
                Battle of Fan Castle - Part 2
                13 Battle of Yiling - Part 1 222 AD A New Star Rises
                Trustworthy Allies
                A Bittersweet Victory
                Sun Quan
                Sun Deng5
                Song Qian5
                Liu Bei Lu Xun
                Battle of Yiling - Part 2
                14 Battle of Dongkou - Part 1 223 AD To Glory
                A Ruler's Battle
                Wu Victory
                A Dream Fulfilled
                Sun Quan Cao Pi Sun Quan
                Battle of Dongkou - Part 2
                1 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Sun Ce, and in Part 2 are Sun Shangxiang and Zhou Yu.
                2 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 are Song Qian and Zhuge Liang.
                3 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Ling Tong, and in Part 2 is Gan Ning.
                4 Another Ally Commander in Part 2 is Lu Xun.
                5 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Sun Deng, and in Part 2 is Song Qian.


                Stage The Name of Battle Year Events and Movies Ally
                01 Gongsun Yuan's Rebellion 238 AD A Mere Fool
                A Miserable World
                Sima Yi Gongsun Yuan Sima Yi
                02 Conquest of Shu 244 AD Enter Deng Ai
                The Han Assassin
                The Path of the Sima
                Sima Zhao
                Cao Shuang
                Ma Dai Sima Zhao
                03 Coup d'état 249 AD The Fool's Messenger
                Cao Shuang Returns
                The Prince of Incompetence
                Sima Yi Cao Shuang Sima Yi
                04 Han Invasion
                (3rd Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions)
                Stubbornness Sima Zhao
                Wang Guan
                Jiang Wei Sima Shi
                05 Wang Ling's Rebellion 251 AD Father to Son Sima Yi
                Sima Zhao
                Wang Ling Sima Yi
                06 Battle of Dongxing - Part 1 252 AD Gravity
                Ding Feng Makes His Stand
                Sima Zhao
                Sima Wang
                Zhuge Dan1
                Zhuge Ke Zhuge Dan
                Battle of Dongxing - Part 2 Wang Yuanji
                07 Battle of New Hefei Castle 253 AD Punishment for Failure Sima Zhao
                Yue Chen
                Zhuge Ke Sima Shi
                08 2nd Han Invasion - Part 1
                (7th Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions - Part 1)
                255 AD The Loyal Servant of Wei
                A Debt to be Repaid
                The Death of Guo Huai
                Sima Zhao
                Sima Wang2
                Wang Yuanji
                Jiang Wei Guo Huai
                2nd Han Invasion - Part 2
                (7th Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions - Part 2)
                Deng Ai
                09 Attack on Sima Shi A Leisurely Stroll
                Near Miss
                Sima Zhao
                Sima Shi
                Xiahou Xuan Sima Zhao
                10 Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion - Part 1 The Arrow of Fate
                Things Beyond One's Control
                History Repeats
                Sima Zhao
                Yue Chen
                Zhuge Dan3
                Guanqiu Jian
                Wen Qin
                Sima Shi
                Guanqiu Jian & Wen Qin's Rebellion - Part 2
                11 3rd Han Invasion
                (9th Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions)
                256 AD Taking the Reins Sima Zhao
                Chen Tai
                Jiang Wei Sima Zhao
                12 4th Han Invasion - Part 1
                (10th Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions - Part 1)
                257 AD Stealing Glory
                One Step Behind
                Face to Face
                Sima Zhao
                Deng Ai4
                Zhong Hui4
                Jiang Wei Zhong Hui
                4th Han Invasion - Part 2
                (10th Jiang Wei's Northern Expeditions - Part 2)
                Deng Ai
                13 Zhuge Dan's Rebellion - Part 1 258 AD Unbridled Anger
                An Inconvenient Truth
                Zhuge Dan's Crime
                Sima Zhao
                Wang Yuanji5
                Wen Yang5
                Wen Hu5
                Zhuge Dan Sima Zhao
                Zhuge Dan's Rebellion - Part 2
                14 Wei's Emperor's Last Stand 260 AD The Wei Emperor's Answer
                The Pages of History
                Sima Zhao Cao Mao
                15 Capture of Chengdu - Part 1 263 AD Crossing the Mountains
                The Han Emperor
                A Peaceful End
                Trapped by Dreams
                The Three Kingdoms End
                Sima Zhao
                Sima Wang6
                Jia Chong6
                Liu Shan
                Jiang Wei7
                Zhong Hui
                Capture of Chengdu - Part 2 Deng Ai
                Capture of Chengdu - Part 3 Sima Zhao
                1 Another Ally Commander in Part 2 is Zhuge Dan.
                2 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 are Sima Wang and Wang Yuanji, and in Part 2 is Wang Yuanji.
                3 Another Ally Commander in Part 2 is Zhuge Dan.
                4 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Deng Ai, and in Part 2 is Zhong Hui.
                5 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Wang Yuanji, and in Part 2 are Wen Yang and Wen Hu.
                6 Another Ally Commander in Part 1 is Wen Hu, in Part 2 is Sima Wang, and in Part 3 is Jia Chong.
                7 Must defeat Jiang Wei even if Liu Shan has withdraws.


                Aggregate scores
                Aggregator Score
                GameRankings 62%
                Metacritic 57/100
                Review scores
                Publication Score
                Destructoid 8/10
                Famitsu 36/40
                IGN 5/10
                Capsule Computers 8/10
                Electronic Theatre 88%
                The Gamers Hub 4/5
                GamingUnion.net 7/10[13]
                Plus XP 8/10
                TheSixthAxis 8/10

                The game received generally mixed to positive reviews, with a 62% on aggregator GameRankings.[14]

                Colin Moriarty from IGN titled his review "Repetitive adventure is repetitive" and said Dynasty Warriors 7 is "simply too much of the same thing over and over again to have any sort of broad appeal". He scored the game 5/10.[15]

                Famitsu magazine was quite less critical, and awarded the game a total of 36/40, composed of a 9/9/9/9 score and was considered a great improvement over previous titles. In the first week of its release it sold 253,900 copies.[16][17]

                Destructoid awarded the game 8/10 in a generally positive review, noting the only disappointments being the low variation in move sets, and the lack of Free Mode.[18] The Gamer's Hub rated the game 4/5, commending the improved graphics, the new conquest mode, and the better flowing story.[19]

                Electronic Theatre awarded the game a positive score of 88%, acclaiming the improvement in gameplay and visuals, but stated that the difficulty was too easy.[20]

                Gaming Bus awarded the game a C+, noting that the old-school gameplay is back, which will invigorate fans but bore non-fans. It noted as positive aspects that there is a wealth of replay value, the story and production values have improved, the in-game action is as fun as ever, and that the new weapon system works well; however, freedom in how the game is played has been stifled, Conquest Mode is a "massive grind," and there is no real challenge to be had.[21]

                Related games

                In late May 2011, Tecmo Koei announced that the game would be ported to the PlayStation Portable under the name Shin Sangokumusou 6 Special. It was released on August 25, 2012. During E3, Koei announced that the game will not be sold overseas, but that a new Dynasty Warriors game called Dynasty Warriors Next was in development for PS Vita and will be sold overseas instead.[22]

                On the 29th of June, Famitsu Magazine released information about the new Dynasty Warriors 7 Xtreme Legends. The game features 3 new characters, only for Wei: Guo Jia (who won a poll conducted by Famitsu), Wang Yi, and Pang De (who returns to the flagship title for the first time since Dynasty Warriors 5). The game features the ability to port saved data from Dynasty Warriors 7, and the MIX-JOY system allows new modes and weapons from Xtreme Legends to be combined with those from Dynasty Warriors 7. Free Mode returns, along with a co-op Story Mode, both of which were absent in Dynasty Warriors 7. Two more modes, Challenge Mode and Legend Mode, are added. It was released on September 29, 2011 in Japan, November 15, 2011 in United States, and November 18, 2011 in Europe as a PlayStation 3 exclusive title. Thus far, there have been no plans to release the game on other platforms.[23][24] However, since the announcement of Dynasty Warriors 7 with Xtreme Legends on Microsoft Windows platform,[10] Xtreme Legends may be considered no longer be a PlayStation 3 exclusive title.

                The Dynasty Warriors characters who appear in the crossover game Warriors Orochi 3 use the character models from this game. However, their dual-weapon ability is removed and characters are fixed to wield certain weapon types.

                In May 2012, the Empires expansion for the game was announced to be released on PlayStation 3 on November 8, 2012 in Japan. As with other Empires expansion, the game is more focused on political and tactical battle system. It includes a new character named Xu Shu.[25] The game was also released in North America and Europe on February 26[5] and 22, 2013[4] respectively, though the game only translates the texts while still using the original Japanese dubs. Like Warriors Orochi 3, the game will only be available through digital download in North America, while other regions will have it as retail.

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