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File:EM Statler.jpg
Ellsworth Milton Statler at 18.
Bundesarchiv Bild 102-05758, Hotelbesitzer Statler.jpg
The grave of Ellsworth Statler in Kensico Cemetery

Ellsworth Milton (E.M.) Statler (October 26, 1863 – April 16, 1928) was an American hotel businessman born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.


He built his first permanent Statler Hotel in 1907, in Buffalo, New York (it being the first major hotel to have a private bath or shower and running water in every room). Future hotels constructed by E. M. Statler were located in Cleveland (1912), Detroit (1915), St. Louis (1917), New York (the Hotel Pennsylvania, built by the Pennsylvania Railroad and leased to Statler and Franklin J. Matchette in 1919; later bought by the Hotels Statler Company in 1948),[1] a new hotel in Buffalo (1923; the previous Hotel Statler in Buffalo was renamed the Hotel Buffalo and sold later in the 1920s), and his last hotel, built in Boston (1927).

The Hotels Statler Company went on to build several other hotels after Statler's death in 1928. These were located in Washington, D. C. (1943), Los Angeles (1952), Hartford, Connecticut (1954) and construction was underway on the Dallas house in 1954 when Conrad Hilton bought the Hotels Statler Company for the sum of $111 million – at that time the largest real estate transaction in history. The Dallas hotel was opened as the Statler Hilton in 1956.

Upon his death, the Statler Foundation was established in his will, becoming benefactors of what is now the Cornell University School of Hotel Administration in Ithaca, New York. The Statler Foundation, located in Buffalo, New York, continues to contribute to many worthwhile hospitality-related causes.

On March 20, 1951, the radio show, Cavalcade of America sponsored by DuPont, featured the life story of Ellsworth Statler in a light 30 minute drama.

In 1984, E. M. (as he preferred to be called) was inducted into the Wheeling, West Virginia Hall of Fame.[1] He was also inducted into the Hospitality Industry Hall of Honor in 1997 along with Curt Carlson, Charles Forte, Baron Forte, and Ray Kroc.

Personal life

Ellsworth Milton Statler was the third of the children of Rev. William J. Statler and Mary A. McKinney. Govinda R., Charles O., Ellsworth M., Elizabeth, Alabama A., Lillian, Osceola A., and William J.

E.M. married first Mary Idesta Manderbach (1866-28 October 1925) and together they raised four adopted children. Milton Howland Statler (16 September 1906 – 7 December 1933), Marian Francis Statler (3 July 1907 – 7 August 1927), Ellsworth Morgan Statler (d.1987), and Elva Idesta Statler (7 June 1912- 27 February 1935.) E.M. had only one grandchild, Milton's daughter Joan M. Statler (1931-2005).

E.M. married Alice M. Seidler (d. 1969) on 30 April 1927.

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