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Edward R. Hooton is a defence writer, who has written several books including publications for the Jane's Information Group. Among his works is Phoenix Triumphant, a book about the early history of the Luftwaffe with much documentation provided by the Aviation Historian Alex Vanags-Baginskis.


  • E. R. Hooton and Michael Roffe, Spitfire Special, 1972, Ian Allan Ltd., ISBN 0711002932.
  • E. R. Hooton, Janes Naval Weapon Systems 1989, 1989, Jane's Information Group, ASIN B000UG74IU.
  • E. R. Hooton and Kenneth Munson (Eds.), Jane's Battlefield Surveillance Systems, 1991, Jane's Information Group, ISBN 0710609736.
  • E. R. Hooton, The Greatest Tumult: The Chinese Civil War 1936-49, 1991, Brassey's Inc., ISBN 0080366902.
  • E. R. Hooton, Phoenix Triumphant: The Rise and Rise of the Luftwaffe, 1994, Arms & Armour, ISBN 1854091816.
  • E. R. Hooton, Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes: The World Market, 1995, Jane's Information Group, ISBN 0710613830.
  • Martin S. Navias and E. R. Hooton, Tanker Wars: The Assault on Merchant Shipping During the Iran-Iraq Conflict, 1980-1988, 1996, I. B. Tauris, ISBN 186064032X.
  • E. R. Hooton, Eagle in Flames: The Fall of the Luftwaffe, 1997, Weidenfeld Military, ISBN 1854093436.
  • E. R. Hooton, Luftwaffe at War: Gathering Storm 1933-1939, 2007, Classic Publications, ISBN 1903223717.
  • E. R. Hooton, Stalin's Claws: From the Purges to the Winter War: Red Army Operations Before Barbarossa 1937-1941, 2013, Tattered Flag, ISBN 0954311558.

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