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Limited liability company
(Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung)
Industry Automobile, Software, Hardware
Founded 1994
Headquarters Stuttgart, Germany
Key people
Friedhelm Pickhard, Bernd Hergert, Christopher White
Revenue 174 Mio. Euro (2014)
Number of employees
930 (2015)

The ETAS Group is a German company which designs solutions for the development of embedded system for the automotive industry and other sectors of the embedded industry.


ETAS GmbH, founded in 1994, is a 100-percent subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH with international subsidiaries and sales offices in France, the United States, China, Japan, the United Kingdom, India, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Sweden, Italy, and the Russian Federation. ETAS GmbH does not publish an own annual report. The total number of associates amounted to 930 as of January 1, 2015.

In 2003, the ETAS Group was formed by the merger of the Bosch subsidiary[1] ETAS GmbH (the company name being the acronym of Engineering Tools, Application and Services), LiveDevices Ltd., York, United Kingdom, and Vetronix Corporation, Santa Barbara, California, United States. The company’s headquarters is located in Stuttgart. ETAS provides automakers, their suppliers, engineering service providers, and customers from other sectors of the embedded industry with tools and solutions for embedded systems, e.g., development tools (in the form of both software and hardware) for ECUs used in passenger cars and trucks, engineering services, consulting, training, and support. With the objective of achieving shorter development cycles, increased software quality, and improved fault analysis, tools and solutions of this kind have been deployed in the auto industry since the early nineties.

Security solutions in the area of embedded systems are offered by the ETAS subsidiary ESCRYPT.

Major product lines


Open product family for the model-based development of embedded automotive software:

Typical deployment in the development of electronic control units for internal combustion engines, hybrid propulsion systems, transmission control units, chassis management systems (ABS, ESP), as well as convenience electronics


INCA is a measuring and calibration environment for electronic control units (ECUs):

  • Measuring, displaying, recording and evaluation of ECU data
  • Adjustment and administration of data records
  • Based on open automotive standards
  • Suitable for deployment in the lab, in the vehicle and on the test bench

According to corporate claims, ETAS is the market leader for measurement and calibration tools.


Product family for the virtual prototyping and rapid prototyping of ECU functions:

  • Integration of models created in ASCET and MATLAB/Simulink, as well as C-Code
  • Verification and validation of ECU functions, also in real-time conditions
  • Suited to deployment in office, lab and vehicle


Product family for the creation of a Hardware-In-The-Loop setup. Labcar is mainly a development application for the HW interface connection to the ECU: Some execution and automation of ECU tests, based on models created in ASCET and MATLAB/Simulink, is possible to integrate into Labcar. Labcar is inseparably connected to Experiment Environment, which usually is the control panel of the HIL currently running.


Real-time operating systems (RTOS) for ECU microcontrollers:

  • Conformant with standards such as OSEK, AUTOSAR, MISRA
  • High performance for OSEK operating systems
  • Installed base in the hundreds of millions


Various hardware products serving specialized purposes:

  • Connecting ECU processors (e.g., ETK)
  • Measurement data acquisition
  • Real-time simulation of ECU functions or of physical ECU environments
  • Applications for diagnostics and testing for vehicle manufacturers and service shops (e.g., diagnostic scanner for reading a vehicle's fault memory).

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  1. As per year-end report 2008 (cf. Federal Gazette) ETAS is a wholly owned Bosch subsidiary
  2. About ASAM Organization