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List of early music festivals
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Related genres Early music, classical music, folk music
Location Worldwide
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Early music festivals is a generic term for musical festivals focused on music before Beethoven, or including historically informed performance of later works. The increase in the number of music festivals specializing in early music is a reflection of the early music revival of the 1970s and 1980s. Many larger festivals such as that an Aix-en-Provence Festival also include early music sections, as do, inevitably, festivals of sacred music; such as the Festival de Música Sacra do Baixo Alentejo, in Portugal. Although most early music festivals are centered on commercial performance, many include also workshops. This articles includes an incomplete list of early music festivals, which may overlap with topics such as list of Bach festivals, list of maritime music festivals, list of opera festivals, and in some cases list of folk festivals.

List of festivals by country

Note this list includes festivals that are annual unless otherwise listed. Festivals which were notable, producing radio-broadcasts and recordings, but now defunct, are listed with an indent at the end of each country listing; for example Gottorfer Barockmusiktage, Germany. Festival Opera Barocca


  • Brisbane Baroque[1]



  • Festival de Chiquitos



  • Montreal Baroque. June.[10]
  • Vancouver Early Music Festival. August.[11]
  • Pacific Baroque Festival, Victoria, B.C., February/March [12]
  • Lameque International Baroque Music Festival, July [13]


  • Rovigno Baroque Music Festival[14]

Czech Republic


  • Copenhagen Renaissance Music Festival. October–November.[19]




Internationale Händel-Festspiele 2013
Göttingen Aula Konzert Händelfestspiele 2005.jpg



Major festivals with some early music events:










  • Belgrade International Early Music Festival[99]






United Kingdom

United States

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