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East China or Eastern China (simplified Chinese: 华东; traditional Chinese: 華東; pinyin: Huádōng) is a geographical and a loosely defined cultural region that covers the eastern coastal area of China.

Although an intangible and loosely defined concept, for administrative and governmental purposes the region is defined by the Chinese Central Government to include the provinces of (in alphabetical order) Anhui, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Shandong, and Zhejiang, as well as the municipality of Shanghai. Since the Chinese government claims Taiwan and the few outlying islands of Fujian governed by the Republic of China (Taiwanese government) as its territory, the claimed "Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China" is also classified in this region.

Administrative divisions

Provinces governed by the People's Republic of China and claimed by the Republic of China
GB[1] ISO №[2] Province Chinese Name Capital Population Density Area Abbreviation/Symbol
SH 31 Shanghai Municipality 上海市
Shànghǎi Shì
Shanghai 23,019,148 3,630.20 6,341
JS 32 Jiangsu Province 江苏省
Jiāngsū Shěng
Nanjing 78,659,903 766.66 102,600
ZJ 33 Zhejiang Province 浙江省
Zhèjiāng Shěng
Hangzhou 54,426,891 533.59 102,000
AH 34 Anhui Province 安徽省
Ānhuī Shěng
Hefei 59,500,510 425.91 139,700
FJ 35 Fujian Province 福建省
Fújiàn Shěng
Fuzhou 36,894,216 304.15 121,300
JX 36 Jiangxi Province 江西省
Jiāngxī Shěng
Nanchang 44,567,475 266.87 167,000
SD 37 Shandong Province 山东省
Shāndōng Shěng
Jinan 95,793,065 622.84 153,800
Disputed area
PRC claims - *
ROC claims - **
Provinces governed by the Republic of China and claimed by the People's Republic of China
Name Chinese Pinyin Abbreviation Provincial capital (省會/shěnghuì) Chinese Pinyin List of county-level divisions
Fujian (Outlying Islands)** 福建 Fújiàn mǐn Chincheng** 金城** Jīnchéng** List of county-level divisions**
臺灣 Táiwān tái Zhongxing New Village**
Zhōngxīng Xīncūn**
List of administrative divisions**


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