Easy Money (novel)

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Snabba cash
Author Jens Lapidus
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Genre Crime fiction, hardboiled
Publisher Wahlström & Widstrand
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 474 pp

Easy Money or Snabba cash is a novel from 2006 by Jens Lapidus. It has been a success in term of sales, and the paperback was the fourth best seller of Swedish novels in 2007.[citation needed]

Plot summary

JW is a young man living in Stockholm, originally from the countryside. JW feigns the appearance of a Stekare (in Swedish parlance, a lifestyle based on flaunting one's apparent wealth; a jetsetter), actually leading a double life driving taxi illegally to finance his expensive life on Stureplan. Abdulkarim, who runs the taxi business, offers JW a job selling cocaine instead. JW accepts the offer and enters the criminal underground of Stockholm. Jorge Salinas Barrio is a Latino who has gone to prison after taking the blame for drug business in which the Yugoslav mafia was involved. He escapes from Österåker Prison with plans to flee the country. Mrado Slovovic is a Serbian henchman who runs errands for the Yugoslav mafia, but secretly he dreams of a normal life with his daughter Lovisa.

The three characters unite in the book through their dreams about quick earnings. Once JW and Abdulkarim have the cocaine sales going they want to expand. Abdulkarim has heard of Jorge, the recent escapee. The word on the street is that Jorge got very knowledgeable about the cocaine trade while he was in prison and thus JW gets an assignment to hire him. Simultaneously Jorge has tried to blackmail the Yugoslav mafia boss. The hitman Mrado has been contracted to dissuade him. When JW finally finds Jorge he is laying beaten-up in a forest, courtesy of Mrado.


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