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American reprint 1832

The Edinburgh Encyclopædia was an encyclopaedia in 18 volumes, printed and published by William Blackwood and edited by David Brewster between 1808 and 1830. In competition with the Edinburgh-published Encyclopædia Britannica,[1] the Edinburgh Encyclopædia is generally considered to be strongest on scientific topics, where many of the articles were written by the editor.[2]

Other contributors – "Gentlemen Eminent in Science and Literature" – included Adam Anderson, Charles Babbage, Thomas Carlyle,[3] Robert Gordon, Robert Edmond Grant,[4] John Leslie,[5] Henry Liston, John Gibson Lockhart[3] and Thomas Telford.

In 1815 William Elford Leach published the first bibliography of entomology in Brewster's Edinburgh Encyclopædia (see Timeline of entomology – 1800–1850).

Joseph Parker of Philadelphia and Whiting & Watson of New York printed American editions, both in 1832.[citation needed]


A list of major contributors, with indications of their articles, was published in 1830.[6]


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Further reading

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    • v.1 A to Anatomy
    • v.3 Astrophanometer to Bosworth
    • v.4 Botany to Browne
    • v.5 Brown to Cheltenham
    • v.6 Chemistry to Columbo
    • v.8 Divination to England
    • v.9 England to Fruit
    • v.10 Fuci to Herodotus
    • v.11 Herpetology to Ilay
    • v.12 Ilchester to Light
    • v.13 Lighthouse to Medicine
    • v.14 Medicine to Muscat
    • v.17 Polar Regions to Scotland
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