El Día (Uruguay)

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El Día
Type Daily newspaper
Founded June 16, 1886
Political alignment Batllism
Ceased publication 1993
Headquarters Montevideo, Uruguay
File:El Día.JPG
Former building of El Día in downtown Montevideo.

El Día was an influential Uruguayan daily newspaper.

It was established in 1886 by the prominent Colorado politician José Batlle y Ordóñez.[1] Many of the most important Uruguayan politicians and journalists wrote in its pages: Luis Batlle Berres, Lorenzo Batlle Pacheco, Manuel Flores Mora, Manuel Flores Silva, Jorge Pacheco Areco, Julio María Sanguinetti, Enrique Tarigo, Rodolfo Fattoruso, Alberto Scavarelli, Miguel A. Semino, Mario C. Fernández, Adolfo Castells Mendívil, Daniel Orzuj, Leonardo Guzmán, Horacio Ferrer, Pablo Vierci, etc., as well as the exiled Galician writer Lois Tobío Fernández.

At the beginning of the 1990s this newspaper was experiencing serious financial troubles and ceased to exist. Its magnificent building was recycled as an entertainment venue.


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