Elections in Azerbaijan

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Elections in Azerbaijan gives information on election and election results in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan elects on national level a head of state – the president – and a legislature. The president is elected for a five-year term by the people; before a referendum changed this in 2009, the position was limited to two terms. The National Assembly (Milli Məclis) has 125 members. Before 2005 100 members elected for a five-year term in single-seat constituencies and 25 members elected by proportional representation. Since 2005 all 125 members are elected in single-seat constituencies. Azerbaijan is a one party dominant state. Opposition parties beside the New Azerbaijan Party are allowed but are widely considered to have no real chance of gaining power.

On Sunday, 7 November 2010, elections for parliament were held. On Wednesday, 9 October 2013, the most recent presidential election was held.

Latest elections

Poster of Azerbaijan 1937

2013 Presidential election

2010 Parliamentary election

e • d Summary of the 7 November 2010 National Assembly of Azerbaijan election results
Parties Votes Percentage Seats
Yeni Azerbaijan Party (Yeni Azərbaycan Partiyası) 1,104,528 45.8 72
Civic Solidarity Party (Vətəndaş Həmrəyliyi Partiyası) 37,994 1.6 3
Motherland Party (Ana Vətən Partiyası) 32,935 1.4 2
Equality Party (Müsavat Partiyası) 42,551 1.8
Azerbaijani Popular Front Party (Azərbaycan Xalq Cəbhəsi Partiyası) 31,068 1.3
Independents, candidates who did not indicate their party affiliation 1,160,053 48.2 48
Total (turnout 50.1%) 2,409,129 100.0 125
Source: Adam Carr's Election Archive

2009 Constitutional referendum

Past elections

Presidential elections

Parliamentary elections

Constitutional referendums

Other referendums

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