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The following tables and lists feature elements of the Cthulhu Mythos, that are often shared between works within that fictional setting.

The Cthulhu Mythos was originally created by writer H. P. Lovecraft in his horror short stories, although the term itself was coined later by August Derleth. Many writers, both during Lovecraft's lifetime and after, have added stories and elements to the Mythos. There is no central co-ordination of these stories nor any oversight of the Cthulhu Mythos in general. Becoming part of the Mythos can be based on personal opinion and inclusion of these elements.


Tables appearing under these entries are organized as follows:

  • Name. This is the commonly accepted name of the being or mythos element.
  • Epithet(s), Other name(s). This field lists any epithets or alternate names. These are names sometimes mentioned in books of arcane literature, but may also be the names preferred by cults.
  • Description. This entry briefly summarizes the being or mythos element.
  • References. This field lists the sources in which the being or mythos element makes a significant appearance or otherwise receives important mention. A simple two-letter code is used—the key to the codes is found here. If a code appears in bold, this means that the reference introduces the being or mythos element.


Great Old Ones

(includes a table listing all the Great Old Ones in the mythos)

The Great Old Ones are powerful, ancient creatures worshipped by deranged human cults. Many of them are made of an unearthly material with properties unlike normal matter. A Great Old One's influence is often limited to the planet where it dwells. If it is based on a planet outside the solar system, it can only extend its influence to Earth when the star of its planetary system is in the night sky. In such cases, the help of cultists performing various rituals may be required.

Outer Gods

(includes a table listing all the Outer Gods in the mythos)

The Outer Gods have unlimited influence, unlike the Great Old Ones, and function on a cosmic scale.[1] They include a subgroup known as the Lesser Outer Gods, or Other Gods.

Elder Gods

(includes a table listing all the Elder Gods in the mythos)

The Elder Gods oppose the Outer Gods and the Great Old Ones. Many consider them to be non-Lovecraftian, because they introduce a good versus evil dichotomy into the cosmic indifference of Lovecraft's fiction.[2] However, others argue that these beings have no more concern for human notions of morality than the beings they oppose, and that humanity and the human world are beneath their regard.[3]

Great Ones

The Great Ones are the so-called "gods" of the Dreamlands, but they are not as powerful as the Great Old Ones and are not even as intelligent as most humans. However, they are protected by the Outer Gods, especially Nyarlathotep.[4]

Other supernatural beings

Supernatural beings
Name Epithet(s),
Other name(s)
Description References
Daughter of the Great Old One Ithaqua. She resembles beautiful redhead woman with webbed feet, whose membranes were cut down by surgeon so now they look human but with square, nail-less toes. She is a powerful sorceress and greatest acolyte of Ithaqua. SW
Beast of Averoigne
A seemingly supernatural being which is recorded as having descended upon the French principality of Averoigne, particularly Vyones and Ximes, from an ominous red comet which appeared in the sky in 1369. It has no true body of its own, but needs to take possession of the body of another to feed, transfiguring and horribly reshaping the host's body. Resulting form is that of a pitch-black semi-humanoid figure, surrounded by a hellish nimbus of changing, fiery light, dimly revealing its shape. The limbs sway and writhe like boneless serpents, and grow sharp, hard claws. The neck similarly extends to a serpentine length and flexibility, whereas the head turns flat and reptilian, earless and noseless. BA
A gigantic Dhole worm tortured by the Denizens of Yaddith in the Shrine of Nug in the Temple of Infra-Red Vapour on the Doomed Nebula Zlykariob (or Zlykrarlor, according to transcriptions). S4, ES4
Broodlings of Eihort Gestalt Servants of the God of the Labyrinth The Broodlings of Eihort are gestalt beings made up of millions of the tiny white spidery brood of the Great Old One Eihort. A broodling looks like a deathly pale, totally hairless human. BS, rpg
Brown Jenkin
A mysterious rat-like creature with a human-like face. The being was said to be the familiar of Keziah Mason. Probably a Rat Thing - see below. DW, PY
Desh (Lesser and Greater)
Desh is the name given by Hyperboreans to those creatures living in a near but alternate dimension. Existing in many different forms, these creatures float through the invisible spaces around us, as unaware of our presence as we are of theirs. Although the varieties of Desh may be unlimited, only two forms are described (Lesser and Greater). Although of solid matter, they are semi-transparent, continually fading in and out of view. rpg
Domaag T’eel Servitor of the Great Old Ones An alien mass made of pseudopods dwelling in the Moon and able to alter its orbital motion. BM2, ET2
Droom-Avista The Jester True form not described, but likely a great demon to be invoked as a genie JD
The Dunwich Horror Son of Yog-Sothoth, Bugg-Shaggog An invisible egg-shaped monster of a gelatinous consistence, covered in tentacled suckers and "feet like hogsheads", with a mostly human face. DH, LC
Father Dagon and Mother Hydra
Both appear as abnormally large Deep Ones. DA, DB, RD, SI
Fthaggua Lord of Ktynga Appears as a bluish ball of energy. Fthaggua is the lord and leader of the fire vampires, and dwells with them and their god Cthugha on or near the star Fomalhaut. FV, HG
Fishers from Outside
The Fishers from Outside are much more avian in appearance than shantaks, though having one leg and a glaring Cyclopean eye and hideous, hooked, fang-lined beak. They are the servitors of the obscure Great Old One Groth-Golka, acting as proxies for their sire by accepting human sacrifices and worship by cultists. Fishers brood in caverns on the Moon and are also sometimes connected with worship of the lunar Great Old One Mnomquah. Their sire is the hideous Quumyagga. FO
Fosterlings of the Old Ones
The Fosterlings of the Old Ones are the mutant offspring of matings with human females and Outer Gods or Great Old Ones. Through a special ritual the Outer God or Great Old One sends a dream which reaches into the womb of a pregnant woman, altering the

genetic structure of the unborn fetus. Born, the child spends many years as a normal human until one day it transforms into something more closely resembling its alien parent.

The Four Horsemen of Nyarlathotep[5]
These characters feature in the comic series Fall of Cthulhu as servitors of Nyarlathotep and should thus be regarded as Million Favoured Ones. They are in order: Sysyphyx: "the Scourge of Atlantis". She is a multi-eyed worm that cuts off the head of her victims, replaces their spinal cord, and shapeshifts to look like them. She was (originally) a fat, cyanotic red-headed woman who prophesied for Atlantis. Gnruk of Vol'Kunast: "Devourer of the Royal Corpse of Thuln", he is a disembodied essence that lies in an ancient box. When the box is opened alone, his essence enters into the body of the opener and transforms them into a corpse-eating demon. The Masked Mute: "Sister of the Lost Abyss", she appears as a young, adolescent girl with innumerable masks to display her mood. Her true face can kill even the greatest monsters of the Dreamlands. Gith: "Father of Pestilence" and Champion of Damnation". The Gith is a mindless force of the Dreamlands that can possess a human vessel (provided certain rites be taken, including removing the Vessel of its soul and disguising the Vessel as Anubis. Nyarlathotep states that the Gith will only merge with a soulless child of the jackal.). He appears as a banded man (the Vessel's shape) with purple/blue flames in place of the eyes and mouth.
Fungus Vile
A kind of parasitic life form, neither really plant nor animal in nature, able to infect any organism it comes into contact with. It is suspected that this material originated on cold Yuggoth and subsequently spread through the cosmos with the mi-go. rpg
Appears as huge gnophkeh — possibly an avatar of Rhan-Tegoth or an independent entity. HM
The High Priest Not to Be Described
Humanoid wearing a silken mask. CE, DQ
Knygathin Zhaum
Appears as a hairless, quasi-humanoid Voormi; Final form of no discernible species. PN, TM
K'thun (female)
Noth-Yidik (male)
Abhorrent, malodorous beings whose mating spawned the Hounds of Tindalos. HM, MT
The Lurker in the Star Pool
One of the Million Favored Ones of Nyarlathotep, possibly one of the Outer God’s offspring. For aeons it has dwelled in the Star Pools, and today is in the servitude of the Floating Horror cult. Highly mobile, the Star Pool Lurker has large membranous wings for flying and webbed appendages for swimming or walking on land. The creature's full appearance is confusing to behold as it appears to be a mass of multiple independent wriggling and squirming monstrosities. AP
Magnum Innominandum[6] Great Not-to-Be-Named, The Nameless Mist, N'yog-Sothep, Milk of the Void According to H. P. Lovecraft, this being is the spawn of Azathoth (making it on par with the Magnum Tenebrosum and Cxaxukluth) and is associated with, and possibly the progenitor of, Yog-Sothoth.[7] Little is known about this god, but it is considered to be extremely dangerous to sorcerers, hence its title "the unnameable" (archaic terminology, meaning not to be summoned or ritually named in an incantation. DR5, rpg
Million Favored Ones
Beings said to be Nyarlathotep's spawn. MF, WD
Mlandoth and Mril Thorion The Source,
The One
Unknown. WY
Mr. Shiny
Mr. Shiny (or Albert Shiny) is a shoggoth lord and an unusually intelligent and purposeful one, capable of controlling his body shape so as to pass for human. Controlling his body in this manner requires continuous mental effort. rpg
N'rath-Gol Spawn of Nyarlathotep One of the countless minions of Nyarlathotep - likely a Million Favoured Ones - who dwells on the dark planet K'yi-Lih embodying the Chaos. NT11
Our Ladies of Sorrow
Our Ladies of Sorrow-or the Three Mothers-are three powerful entities, and three of Nyarlathotep’s Million Favoured Ones. They are: Mater Lachrymarum ("Our Lady of Tears"), the eldest, followed by Mater

Suspiriorum ("Our Lady of Sighs") and finally the youngest Mater Tenebrarum ("Our Lady of Darkness"). They have inspired many legends, including that of the triple goddess, the fates, the gorgons, and Shakespeare’s three weird sister-daughters of darkness (witches).

VC, rpg
Pharol the Black
Appears as a black, fanged demon with tentacles instead of arms. AG, HY?
The Shaping Tree
A hideous tree-like horror with branches like rat's tails and weird pustules. It is able to transform human male victims into jelly amorphous vectors of strange broodlings. The Shaping Tree is located in Australia and is likely related to Shub-Niggurath. FS3
Sho-Gath The God-Box A smoky entity with the travesty of a human face, entrapped into a box. GO
Leader of the serpent people of Valusia. HG, TH, VY
Ubb Father of Worms Leader of the planarian-like Yuggs. It is a large aquatic, chthonian-like entity, pale gray and slug-like with a large suckermouth full of horn-like teeth and ringed with tentacles. Ubb dwells in the cold fastness of the Pacific Ocean with the rest of its race. The yuggs are said to guard their god, the Great Old One Zoth-Ommog, whose tomb, legend tells, lies at the bottom of an abyssal trench near the island of Ponape. OA, PI, UV, TP
Ugga-Naach Abomination of the Ancients The result of an abominable mating between Nyarlathotep (in a tentacled avatar) and a “surrogate” human mother. Once born, it manifests as a 1.5 meters tall homunculus, slender and tanned in appearance, with a crimson tentacle in place of head, a glossy tongue and green sharp teeth. ID3
The Five Vaeyen
Quintet of vulture-like statues that both guard and sequester the Great Old One Cyäegha DM
Wilbur Whateley
Mostly human twin of the aforementioned Dunwich Horror. DH, LC
The Worm That Walks The Putrefied Horror A loathsome being, looking like a human corpse decayed into tones of green, black, and blue, with dripping pieces of flesh hanging from it. Prodigious claws or talons dangle from this apparition's fingers, and from the undead monster's eye sockets stare lidless, ban, eyeballs. rpg
Wuthoqquan's Bane
A large, shapeless beast lurking in the sewers of Commoriom. WQ
Xathagorra The Chaos Spawn Vile, multiform creature with a vast wingspan. CH
Xexanoth Bane of Aforgomon Unknown. CM
Xiurhn Guardian of the Dark Jewel A slothlike, winged thing with a terrible face. XI
Ythth Ghuggl’ingh Supreme Priest of the Old Ones A once human priest of Nyarlathotep horribly transmogrified to a vampiric horror. His face is endowed of stringy appendages, yellow eyes and hideous beaked maws. GY
Zoth Syra & Yoth Kala Queen of the Green Abyss Both appear as shapeless, multi-limbed marine horror, with hypnotic beckon. The latter, Yoth Kala, also bears a whip-like appendage endowed with a single, spherical eye. GR

Non-human species

Table-a (A–F)

Non-human species A–F
Name Description References
Aartna Metallic alien beings living on planets located in Pleiades Cluster, acolytes of the Great Old One Gtuhanai. FN
Adumbrali Extradimensional beings that appear as orbs of darkness. AB
Aihais Humanoids from Mars. VU
Alskali Hairless, cyclops-like hypnotic beings with dead-gray skin and huge hands and feet. They are servants of Nyarlathotep. AL, PR5
Amphimultus Insects Partly immaterial insectoid entities dwelling in the dying planetary system of Hr’a-lath. GI
Antehumans Slender, tall, gaunt proto-humans of great intelligence. EB, SG
Antareans Tall, multicolored tripod-beings with a strange crest and three eyes. They are greatly advanced space travelers with a strict caste system. PC
Astral Serpents Souls and minds of advanced representatives of the Serpent People, fled after the destruction of Mu. They have two forms: Astral Parasites, tall humanoid snakes, or Astral Hunters, spider-like reptilian horrors. They are mostly known in Japan as the Hoshi Hebi, but they are also mentioned in ancient Semitic sacred texts. JN
Azagoths Hideous, formless masses of entrails with four tentacles endowed with sharp claws and a huge, red-rimmed, cycloptic eye, plus several smaller eyes scattered along the hideous body. RE5
Beings of Xiclotl Horrifying, oddly plant-like, carnivorous giants. IS
Bholes Gigantic, worm-like creatures that inhabit the Earth's Dreamlands. DL, DQ
Blupes Translucent, bluish, oval-shaped creatures that can float through the air. DL
Brothers of Chaugnar Faugn Beings that resemble smaller versions of Chaugnar Faugn. HF
Byakhee Resemble bat-like, hornet-like human corpses. FE, GS, HC, WS
Carden the Bard A free willed undead Celtic servant of the Great Old One Glaaki. XT
Cats from Saturn Cat-like beings from the Dreamlands with abstract, multi-hued bodies. DL, DQ
Cats from Uranus Like those from Saturn, but far more hideous. DL
Chakota A hideous entity composed of dozens of human faces set into a thickly cylindrical, worm-like mass of sickly, purple-veined muscle.[8] rpg
Children of the Sphinx Sub-cult of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh. CD2, rpg, UP
Children of the Wind Foul entities dwelling regions susceptible to high winds. In one account, the creatures haunt a mysterious placein the desert near Syria, known only as the City of the Seven Winds. They may also be connected with Irem, the City of the Pillars. SS3
(The Burrowers Beneath)
Gigantic, squid-like worms. BU, CS, YA
Colour out of space Appears as a shapeless, plastic entity glowing with the colors of an unknown spectrum. CO, CT
Crawling Ones
(The Worms that Walk)
Appear as humans made out of tiny worms. FE
Creature Atop Gables A jet-black gargoyle-like fiend with snake-like eyes and large membranous wings extending from each of six pairs of arms, beneath and around which dozens of long serpentine tentacle writhe. WT8
Cthunund Uleths Shapeshifting interplanetary travellers appearing as shoggoth-like masses of semi-translucent, grayish-green ooze. They are thought to be responsible of the Great Old One Vulthoom's arrival on planet Mars. ET2, FG3
Dark Young of Shub-Niggurath Appear as ropy, black tentacles on a pair of stumpy, hooved legs. MK, NF
Deep Ones Ocean-dwelling humanoids that appear to be half-frog and half-fish. AW, BU, DO, GS, HC, HG, RD, SA, SI
Devourers Formless human beings after their own psychic energy and physical form are torn asunder and reassembled by a powerful Mythos entity, such as Abholos. DM7
Devourers from the Stars Sentient alien beings appearing as swirling and boiling field of pure blackness and cold. FG3
Dholes Gigantic, worm-like creatures. DR, TG, WP
Dimensional Shamblers
Dimension-hopping humanoids with rough, leathery bodies and huge claws. HM
Doels Tiny, extradimensional, flesh-eating creatures. HN
Dreamlings of Hypnos Sparkling, multicoloured orbs of swirling, crackling light, about the size of a cat. They pulse and tremble constantly shooting out little spears of matters. MT4
Dwellers in the Depths The Dwellers in the Depths are a race of truly horrible amphibious creatures who serve the Great Old Ones, particularly those associated with water: Cthulhu, Dagon, Hydra, Ythogtha and Zoth-Ommog. They appear as eyeless, bloated horrors with eight tentacular arms and four legs. In place of eyes there is only one sponge-like organ in the center of the forehead and mouth appear toothless, but endowed of tiny tentacles RB
Elder Things
(Old Ones)
Appear as five-sided, oval-shaped barrels with starfish-like appendages at each end. AM, IV, PW
Fires of Tindalos Halfway between a Hound of Tindalos and a Fire Vampire, manifesting as infinitesimally small red lights floating through the sky which hunt for specific mental patterns. AV
Fire vampires 1. (Flame Creatures of Cthugha) Appear as tiny points of light that ignite everything they touch. DD
2. (Fire Vampires of Fthaggua) Appear as bursts of crimson lightning that set fire to sentient beings. FV, HG
Fishers from Outside Enigmatic, prehistoric, flying race associated with Gol-goroth and the shantaks. FO
Flying polyps Appear as floating, semi-visible, polypous horrors capable of controlling great winds. PW, ST, SY, WF
Fog-Spawn Interdimensional creatures native to tide-locked planets orbiting dark stars in nebular clouds. They have been brought to Earth by the Mi-Go and other space-faring races. BS3
Formless spawn of Tsathoggua and Knygathin Zhaum Appear as gelatinous, shape-shifting, black goo. MO, TZ

Table-b (G–M)

Non-human species G–M
Name Description References
Ghasts Fearsome, underground-dwelling humanoids with kangaroo-like legs that inhabit the Earth's Dreamlands. DQ
Ghouls Corpse-eating, canine-like humanoids. DQ, IC, PM
Gn'cht'tyaacht A tree-dwelling humanoid some seven feet in height, but thin and lanky with a long pointed head, huge claws and sharp teeth. rpg
Gnophkeh 1. Six-legged, furry, rhinoceros-like creatures with an affinity for cold climes. HM, LT, SM
2. Hairy cannibals that once dwelt in Lomar. PO
Gnorri Resemble mermen with possibly one or two additional arms. SK
Gof'nn hupadgh Shub-Niggurath Transmogrified, once-human cultists of Shub-Niggurath. ML
Great Race of Yith Resemble tall, rugose cones with four appendages: two claws, a trumpet-like limb, and a yellow, globe-like organ. CF, PW, SO, ST, SY
Gugs Horrifying, furry giants of the Dreamlands with a mouth that opens sideways. DQ
Gyaa-Yothn Quasi-human, rhinoceros-like quadrupeds used as beasts of burden by the denizens of K'n-yan. MO
Haemophores Small, vampiric creatures with webbed hands and feet. DL
Hounds of Tindalos Extradimensional horrors that can enter our universe through any three-dimensional corner. EL, HN, MT, TC, WD
Hunters from Beyond Extra-dimensional hazy entities appearing as vast, undulating vistas of gray plains of oozing, bubbling filth, and skies of writhing, hellish vapour. They may also have a beast-like anthropoid form and be the source of Hindu legends of Rakshasa, or the African folk tales of Chemosit. NB
Hunting Horrors Resemble huge, immaterial serpents with bat wings. DQ, LT
Hyperboreans A race of early pre-humans. DS, SG, TZ, UB
Kadariak Kepf A race that serves Nyarlathotep in his Egyptian avatar. These beings used to dwell in sections of ancient Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, now they are only encountered in ancient tombs and terribly isolated sections of the deepest desserts. They look like mouthless human corpses with taloned hands and a horrid, circular mouth in the chest where the heart should be. DC10, FG3
K'n-yan, Natives of Technologically and psychically advanced humanoids who dwell underground. OE, MO
Kyresh Vicious, wolven creatures of the Dreamlands. YG
Larvae of the Outer Gods Protean beings spawned by the Outer Gods. DQ
Lamp-Efts Resemble small, flying iguanas. DL
Leeches of Yoh-Vombis Parasitic Martian creatures. [citation needed]
L'gy'hx, Natives of Cube-shaped, multi-legged, metallic beings that inhabit the planet L'gy'hx (Uranus). IS
Lloigor Beings that may alternately appear as vortices of energy or dragon-like dinosaurs (Ghatanothoa may be a particularly powerful one). IU, RL
Men of Leng Satyr-like beings that inhabit the Plateau of Leng. DQ
(Fungi from Yuggoth,
Outer Ones)
Resemble human-sized, winged crustaceans with globular heads covered with cilia. AM, DE, DT, GU, PF, OW, WD
Miri Nigri Amphibious humanoids created by Chaugnar Faugn. Ancient Progenitors of the Tcho-tcho people. HF
Moon-beasts Plump, toad-like humanoids. DQ, MD

Table-c (N–Z)

Non-human species N–Z
Name Description References
Nagäae Toadish servants of Cyäegha. DM
Nameless City, Denizens of Alligator-like, seal-like humanoids. NC
Narrathoth the Forgotten A tall, whitish and scaly humanoid taller than a man with a single three-lobed eye. He is one of Cthulhu's servitor able to grant wishes like a djinn. DC2, NF2
New Great Race of Yith (Coleopterous Race) Resemble human-sized beetles. ST
Nightgaunts Faceless, bat-like humanoids. DQ, HE, OK, WI
Nioth-Korghai 1. Extraterrestrial, carnivorous monster held in captivity by King Ossaru in Zothique. TB
2. Extraterrestrial, aquatic creatures that feed on the life-force of human beings. SV2, rpg
Ny'ghan Grii Luminous spherical, cycloptic creatures from another dimension. They move by floating or crawling and are accompanied by thick fog and icy cold. IN
Parasites of Y'golonac Fleshy spider-like horrors with gaping maws which serve Y'golonac. SS21
Pth'thya-L'yt Female Deep One, daughter of Mother Hydra who is almost 300,000 years old. For the last 80,000 years, she has lived in the city of Y'ha-nthlei, mating with Dagon, a union which many believe will result in the birth of a new species of Cthulhu's minions. KQ, SI
Rat-Things Tiny, rat-like creatures with human-like faces. DW
Rhygntu A race of burrowing reptilian humanoids which resemble gila monster. They have created a net of deep underground galleries in central United States (mainly Oklahoma) and worship the destructive Outer God Yomagn'Tho. DR15, TL
Sachonians An alien race made of living energy manifesting as green spheres of pulsing light. After the bane of its homeplanet, this race serves Nyarlathotep. FG3, WS9
Sand-dwellers Appear as sand-encrusted, skeleton-like humanoids with large claws. GW
Serpent Men Serpent-like humanoids. HG, HK, IU, OW, SG,
Servants of Glaaki Undead zombies that serve the being Glaaki. IL
Servitors of the Outer Gods Beings of varied form that dance mindlessly about Azathoth's throne at the center of the universe. AZ
S'glhuo, Denizens of Tall, bluish humanoids with blank eyes and boneless fingers; actually entities made of living sound. PL
The Shan
(Insects from Shaggai)
Resemble large insects. IS, QU
Shantaks Elephantine, reptilian birds of the Dreamlands. DQ, FO, RY
Shoggoths Resemble gigantic amoebae with numerous floating eyes. AM, GC, NE, PG, SI, TC, TN
The Space-Eaters A monstrous interstellar race, appearing as shimmering columns of twisting shafts of light. PE
The Spawn of the Green Abyss The Spawn of the Green Abyss appear as a bluish slime with various and shifting features: Shoggoth-like entities, but highly evolved and intelligent. They inhabit the seas and oceans of the Earth, dwell in aquatic societies ruled by queen Zoth Syra. GR
Spiders of Leng Giant purple spiders that inhabit the Plateau of Leng. DL
Star-spawn of Cthulhu
Resemble smaller versions of Cthulhu himself. AM, PW, TC
Star vampire
(Shambler from the Stars)
Invisible, levitating, vampiric horror with a myriad of suckers and two huge claws. SF
Tcho-Tcho people Mutated humanoids descended from the Miri-Nigri. BK, EH, LS, BH
(Beings of Ib)
Green, toad-like humanoids with gelatinous bodies and emerald eyes BM, DC, SM3
Utoruks An ancient race that once populated a planet orbiting our Sun while Earth was still cooling. This world is now long gone due to an unholy pact with Nyarlathotep. They appear over 10 feet tall humanoids, with a thick muscular trunk suspended on two pillar-like legs. NT3
Voonith Huge lizards of the Dreamlands. DL
Voormi Yeti-like bipeds that inhabit Mount Voormithadreth in Hyperborea. AF, SG, SM, TM
Xerts An alien race, resembling writhing, green mists lit from within by an unnatural light. In this form, the Xert have the ability to shift in-between extradimensional regions beyond normal space-time. SS23
Xo Tl'mi-go Pale, eyeless, leech-mouthed, and sterile hominids. CK
Yaddith, Natives of Humanoid inhabitants of the planet Yaddith that resemble a cross between mammals and reptiles. DR, HG, TG, VI
Yekubians Technologically advanced, centipede-like beings that inhabit the planet Yekub. CF
Y'lagh A race of aquatic swimmers endowed with flippers, tentacles and other vaguely jellyfish-like features. They are servitors of Cthulhu mentioned in Necronomicon as spawn of the Sisters of R'lyeh[9] and mainly haunt the Pacific coasts of California.[10] SY2, BS8
Y’nathogguans Scaly humanoids with tiger-like faces, with tentacles in place of whiskers. They have been created by the Great Old One Quyagen to rule over human thralls. They once inhabited Antarctica until the expansion of the ice-sheets and migrated northwards in the Americas and finally in the lost continent of Quy. TN7
Yuggya 1. (Yuggs or Yuggya) Beings that resemble white, planarian-like flatworms. OA, WI
2. (Yuggya) The offspring of a mating between a Yugg and a Deep One hybrid. PI, WF
Zoogs Creatures of the Dreamlands that resemble small, elfin rodents. DQ, HE


Name References
Black Brotherhood SE
Brotherhood of the Beast n/a[11]
Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh n/a[12]
Brothers of the Yellow Sign
(Cult of the Yellow Sign)
Chesuncook Witch Coven
(Cult of the Skull)
Chorazos Cult UT, RN
Church of Starry Wisdom GA, HD, HI, SD, SE, DE
Cult of Cthulhu CC
Cult of Bubastis [citation needed]
Cult of the Bloody Tongue n/a
Esoteric Order of Dagon SI

Arcane literature and other media

Arcane media
Name Ref.*
Book of Azathoth DW
Book of Dzyan
(the Stanzas of Dzyan)
Book of Eibon
(Liber Ivonis, Livre d'Eibon)
The Book of Iod BH
Celaeno Fragments HC
Cthäat Aquadingen
(possibly Things of the Water)
Cultes des Goules
(Cults of the Ghouls)
De Vermis Mysteriis
(Mysteries of the Worm)
Dwellers in the Depths AQ
Eltdown Shards EC
The Ford Translation of the Voynich Manuscript RL (?)
G'harne Fragments CS
The King in Yellow YS
Name Ref.
Massa Di Requiem per Shuggay
("Requiem for Shaggai")
The Necronomicon
("[The Book of]Things Concerning the Dead")
Kitab Al-Azif
(Original Arabic title of the Necronomicon)
Pnakotic Manuscripts
(Pnakotic Fragments)
Ponape Scripture OA
Revelations of Glaaki IL
The R'lyeh Text RH
Saracenic Rituals
(infamous chapter from De Vermis Mysteriis)
The Testament of Carnamagos XE
Unaussprechlichen Kulten
(interpreted as "Unspeakable Cults",
also: Black Book, Nameless Cults)
Zanthu Tablets DT
  • Reference to first appearance.

Fictional locations

Name What or where Ref.*
Arkham A city in Massachusetts. PH
Brichester A town in England. UH
Carcosa On the shores of Lake Hali, on a planet in the Hyades. IH
Celephaïs A city in the Dreamlands. CE
Commoriom The capital of Hyperborea. TS
The Court of Azathoth At the center of the universe. AZ
Cykranosh The planet Saturn. DS
The Dreamlands In another dimension. CE
The mountain Dunkelhügel Near Freihausgarten, Germany. DM
Dunwich A village in Massachusetts. DH
Elysia The homeland of the Elder Gods. TC
G'harne A primeval city in Africa. CS
Glyu-Uho The star Betelgeuse. S4
Hyperborea A now-vanished kingdom in Greenland. TS
Ib A pre-human settlement in Mnar. DC
Innsmouth A coastal town in Massachusetts. SI
Kadath The home of the Great Ones. OG
Kingsport A coastal town in Massachusetts. FE
K'n-yan or Xinaián Blue-litten realm beneath Oklahoma. MO
Ktynga A large comet near Arcturus. FV
Kythanil A double planet. TG
The Plateau of Leng A cold, arid plateau. HO
Lomar An ancient region. PO
L'gy'hx The planet Uranus. IS
Miskatonic University In Arkham, Massachusetts. WR
Mnar Probably in the Dreamlands. DC
Mu A sunken continent. OE
The Nameless City A buried city. NC
N'kai A lightless cavern beneath Yoth
(or possibly underneath Mt. Voormithadreth).
Olathoë A city in Lomar. PO
Pnakotus A primeval city in the Great Sandy Desert in Australia. ST
Name What or where Ref.
Vale of Pnath In the Underworld. EM
R'lyeh The sunken island/city where Cthulhu is entombed. CC
Sarnath A destroyed city in Mnar. DC
Shaggai A planet orbiting twin emerald suns. HD
S'glhuo, Gulf of An alternate dimension. PL
The Plateau of Sung
(or "Tsang"?)
Possibly a region of Leng. HF
Thuggon A planet. IS
Thyoph A planet. IS
Ulthar A cat-laden town in the Dreamlands. CU
Uzuldaroum A city in Hyperborea. TS
Valley of Do-Hna In Xinaián (K'n-yan). MO
Valusia The ancient land of the Serpent people. HK
Mount Voormithadreth Four-coned extinct volcano in Hyperborea; contains the Cavern of Archetypes and the Web of Atlach-Nacha. SG
Xiccarph ? MZ?
Xiclotl The sister planet to Shaggai. IS
Xoth A binary star. PN
Yaanek / Yarak Legendary mountain/volcano at the North Pole. UL
Yaddith A planet. TG
Mount Yaddith-Gho Dwelling place of Ghatanothoa in Mu. OE
Yaksh The planet Neptune. PN
Yekub A planet in a distant galaxy. CF
'Ygiroth In the Dreamlands. YG
Y'ha-nthlei An undersea city. SI
Abyss of Yhe In a Muvian province. HC?
Yian-Ho, or Yian A deserted city. TG
Ylidiomph The planet Jupiter. UA
Yoth Red-litten cavern beneath K'n-yan. MO
Y'quaa A gray-litten cavern, the dwelling place of Abhoth. HG
Yuggoth The planet Pluto. FY
Vaults of Zin In N'kai. EM
Zothique A continent in the distant future. EN
  • Reference to first appearance.

Signs and symbols

Signs and symbols
Name What Ref.*
Elder Sign A symbol that protects the bearer from some forms of attack by Mythos-related creatures DQ
Sign of Koth A symbol found on sealed doors DQ
Yellow Sign A symbol used to identify cultists of Hastur KY
  • Reference to first appearance.

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