Elijah ben Solomon Abraham ha-Kohen

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Elijah ben Solomon Abraham ha-Kohen (died 1729) was dayyan of Smyrna, almoner and preacher.


Elijah produced over 30 works, of which the principal, according to Wunderbar (Orient, Lit. p. 579), are as follows:

  • Midrash Eliyahu, eleven funeral sermons and a commentary on the Talmudic sayings relative to the Book of Esther (Constantinople, 1693)
  • Midrash ha-Izmiri, homilies (ib. 1695)
  • Midrash Talpiyyot, glosses and comments taken from 300 works and containing 926 (the numerical value of the word "Talpiyyot") paragraphs in alphabetical order: only the first part, from "alef" to "kaf," was published (Amsterdam, 1698)
  • Me'il Ẓedaḳah, a treatise on charity (ib. 1704)
  • Shebeṭ Musar, on ethics, the best known of his works, divided into fifty-two chapters corresponding to the weeks of the year, and taken for the most part from the Or Ḳadmon of Moses Ḥagis, the Tokaḥot of the Spanish poets, the Orḥot Ḥayyim, and the Roḳeaḥ of Eleazar of Worms (Constantinople, 1712)
  • Megalleh Ẓefunot, kabalistic treatises (Porizk, 1785)
  • She'elot u-Teshubot, responsa (Sudilkov, 1796)
  • Minḥat Eliyahu, sermons (Salonica, 1824)
  • Semukim le-'Ad, homiletic treatise on the parashiyyot (ib. 1826)
  • We-Lo 'Od Ella, a treatise on the Talmudic and Midrashic passages beginning with these words (Smyrna, 1853).

Elijah's other works are not yet published (as of 1906). They include:

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