Elizabeth of Poland, Duchess of Pomerania

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Princess Elizabeth
File:Bogusław V Pomorski Elżbieta Piastówna.jpg
Elisabeth and her husband
Duchess consort of Pomerania
Tenure 1343–1361
Born 1326
Died 1361 (aged 34–35)
Spouse Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania
Issue Elizabeth, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire
Casimir IV of Pomerania
House House of Piast (by birth)
House of Pomerania (by marriage)
Father Casimir III of Poland
Mother Aldona of Lithuania

Princess Elizabeth of Poland (Polish: Elżbieta Kazimierzówna) (1326–1361) was the eldest child of Casimir III of Poland and his first wife, Aldona of Lithuania.


Elizabeth was originally betrothed to her future brother-law, Louis VI the Roman.[1] She was eventually passed over for her younger sister, Cunigunde.

An agreement, directed primarily against the Teutonic Order, was reached on 24 February 1343 in Poznań between Elizabeth's father and Wartislaw IV, Duke of Pomerania. As a result, Elizabeth married Wartislaw's son, Boguslaw, on 28 February 1343. Elisabeth received a dowry from her father of 20 000 kop (cents in Prague).

On 28 February 1343, Elizabeth married Bogislaw V, Duke of Pomerania. Elizabeth mainly lived in Prague Castle or Castle of Darlowo during her marriage. They had two children:

Her daughter Elizabeth was married in 1363 to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV. The marriage took place during the Congress of Kraków; the most celebrated feast commemorating the event took place at the house of Mikołaj Wierzynek (młodszy). Elizabeth of Poland, however, never saw her daughter married off. She had died in 1361, at a monastery of the Order of Saint Augustine in Świątkach, and was buried there.

Her son, Casimir (Kaźko) was groomed to become Casimir the Great's successor as King of Poland but was sidelined by Louis I of Hungary, and instead succeeded Bogislaw in 1364 as duke of Pomerania.[3]



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