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Eliza Ware Farrar (born 12 July 1791 in Dunkirk, France – 22 April 1870 in Springfield, Massachusetts) was a writer.


She was the daughter of Benjamin Rotch of New Bedford, Massachusetts. The Quaker family had gone to France in the interest of the whaling business. During the Reign of Terror, the family left for England, where she was educated. When her father went broke in 1819, she was sent to live in New Bedford, where she was disowned by the Quaker meeting for her liberalism. She became a Unitarian.

In 1828, she became the second wife of Harvard professor John Farrar. She nursed him during his last years, and many of her stories were used as diversions for his sick room.


  • Children's Robinson Crusoe
  • The Story of Lafayette
  • The Life of Howard
  • Youth's Love-Letters
  • Young Lady's Friend (1837)
  • Congo in Search of his Master (New York, 1854)
  • Recollections of Seventy Years (Boston, 1865)



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