Elizabeth Cervantes Barron

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Elizabeth Cervantes Barron is a frequent candidate for political offices on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket.[1]

A native of Los Angeles, California, she ran for U.S. Representative from California in 1974. In 1978 she became the party's "all time top vote getter" when she ran for California State Controller, getting 300,000 votes.[2]

In 1980 she ran for United States Vice President as the running mate of Maureen Smith, winning more than 18,000 votes. She ran for United States Senator from California in 1994, winning 255,301 votes, but lost to Dianne Feinstein.[3] She was the Peace and Freedom Party candidate for California State Controller in 2006, receiving 212,383 votes, 2.5% of the total.[4][5]


She is a retired San Jose, California teacher, currently living in the Los Angeles, California area.


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