Elliot S. N. Morgan

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Elliot S. N. Morgan

Elliot S. N. Morgan (1832 – April 24, 1894) was an American politician from Pennsylvania. Morgan served as Acting Governor of Wyoming Territory in 1885, and again from 1886 to 1887.

Early life

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Morgan worked in his father's store. He served in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1873 as a Republican and was re-elected. After his term as territorial secretary, he stayed in Wyoming and served in the Wyoming constitutional convention and practiced law.[1][2]

Acting Governor

Morgan was the only person to serve as Acting Governor of the Wyoming Territory before the region became an official U.S. state. When Governor William Hale died in office in early 1885, Morgan served as Acting Governor for forty-six days, from January 13, 1885 to February 28, 1885.[3]

Morgan served as Acting Governor again from December 20, 1886 to January 24, 1887, following the resignation of Governor George W. Baxter.

Morgan was serving as the Secretary of the Territory when he assumed the official duties of the Governorship. In both instances, Morgan served as Governor until a new presidential appointee could take office.[4]

Family life

Morgan is the uncle of historian William J. Morgan.


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