Ernst Dohm

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Ernst Dohm.

Friedrich Wilhelm Ernst (or Ernest) Dohm (b. Elias Levy Dohm; also known by his pseudonym Karlchen Mießnick; 24 May 1819, Breslau – 5 February 1883, Berlin) was a German editor, actor, and translator.

He was Jewish and a convert to Christianity. He married feminist Hedwig Dohm, and had 5 children:

  1. Hans Ernst Dohm (1854–1866)
  2. (Gertrud) Hedwig (Anna) Dohm (1855–1942) = married Jewish scientist Alfred Pringsheim
  3. Ida Marie Elisabeth Dohm (1856–?)
  4. Marie Pauline Adelheid Dohm (1858–?)
  5. Eva Dohm (1860–?)

He became a grandfather of the musician Klaus Pringsheim, Sr. and Katharina "Katia" Pringsheim, the wife of Thomas Mann. He was a chief-editor of the Kladderadatsch, a satirical magazine founded in 1848, until 1849.

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