The Essex Scottish Regiment

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The Essex Scottish
Active 1885- 1954
Country Canada
Branch Militia
Type Line Infantry
Role Infantry
Size One battalion
Part of Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
Garrison/HQ Windsor, Ontario
Motto Semper paratus
Colors Facing colour blue
March Quick - Highland Laddie
Tartan MacGregor[dead link]

The Essex Scottish was an infantry regiment of the Canadian Army until 1954.

Founded in 1885 as the 21st Essex Battalion of Infantry, it went through several name changes including: 1887 - 21st Battalion, Essex Fusiliers; 1900 - 21st Regiment, Essex Fusiliers; 1920 - The Essex Fusiliers, acquiring its present title in 1927.

During World War II the regiment was among the first Canadian units to see combat in the European theatre during the invasion of Dieppe. By the end of The Dieppe Raid, the Essex Scottish Regiment had suffered 121 fatal casualties, with many others wounded and captured. The Essex Scottish later participated in Operation Atlantic and was slaughtered attempting to take Verrières Ridge on July 21. By the war's end, the Essex Scottish Regiment had suffered over 550 war dead; its 2,500 casualties were the most of any unit in the Canadian army during the Second World War.

In 1954, as a result of the Kennedy Report on the Reserve Army, this regiment was amalgamated with The Kent Regiment to form The Essex and Kent Scottish Regiment.


The Essex Scottish were allied to The Essex Regiment and were kitted with a balmoral c/w red & white diced border, scarlet doublet, white sporran with two black points, red & black hose, spats c/w black buttons, blue shoulder straps c/w white cross stripes and piping with full dress only for pipers and drummers who also wore a feather bonnet c/w white hackle. They wore the red and green tartan of Clan Gregor File:MacGregor Red and Green tartan.png.

The regiment perpetuated the 18th (Western Ontario) Battalion, 99th (Essex) Battalion and 241st (Canadian Scottish Borderers) Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and held its final Order of Precedence as 40.

Battle honours


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