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ESOMAR (formerly known as The European Society for Opinion and Market Research) is a membership organization representing the interests of the market research profession at an international level.


ESOMAR operates two levels of individual membership:[1]

  • Full Membership: This is open to anyone able to provide a professional reference and agreeing to abide by the ICC/ESOMAR Code of Conduct and disciplinary procedures
  • Graduate and Young Professional Membership: This is open to anyone under the age of 30 who is either in their final year of graduate studies or early stages of their career

ESOMAR currently has 4,900 individual members.[2]

In addition to individual membership, ESOMAR also operates a corporate membership scheme open to client-side research departments or research agencies.[3]


Although originally founded with a European scope of activities, ESOMAR has since expanded its remit and now positions itself as a membership organization for the research profession globally. This is reflected in the geographical distribution of ESOMAR members - 49% are based in Europe, with the remainder in other key markets such as the USA (11%), Asia (17%) and South America (7%).[4]

In this role ESOMAR undertakes four primary activities:

  • Professional Standards: In collaboration with the International Chamber of Commerce, ESOMAR established the ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research. All individual members agree to abide by these standards while conducting market research. The Code has also been adopted or endorsed by more than 65 national associations[5][6]
  • Training and development: ESOMAR offers a number of training courses and workshops to help members improve their skills[7]
  • Representation: As its members' voice to Government, ESOMAR monitors regulatory affairs and inputs into the policy process where appropriate[8]
  • Publications: ESOMAR publishes RW Connect, a bi-monthly print magazine exploring issues and developments in international research


ESOMAR operates under a two-tier corporate governance structure:

  • The ESOMAR Council is an 11-member elected body responsible for driving the overall vision, mission and objectives of ESOMAR. Its current President is Laurent Flores
  • The ESOMAR management team oversees the commercial operation of ESOMAR. Its current Director General is Finn Raben

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