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Exact Editions
Founder Adam Hodgkin, Daryl Rayner, Tim Bruce
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Website exacteditions.com

Exact Editions is an integrated content management platform for magazine publishers. It was launched in 2005 by Adam Hodgkin, Daryl Rayner and Tim Bruce.[1]

Initially available as a web-based subscription service, the platform has expanded into developing iOS apps for Apple’s Newsstand. Exact Editions’ branded iOS apps are based on the freemium model, and offer subscriptions via in-app purchase. Branded apps developed through Exact Editions allow users to sync issues for offline use, share app content via social media and email, and bookmark pages to return to.[2]

The platform offers subscriptions to individuals and to institutions, as well as several titles in French and Spanish.

Exact Editions is unlike many other digital solutions for magazines in focusing firmly on a subscription model for access. In this the model is more like that of Netflix or Spotify than iTunes.

In 2009, Exact Editions launched an Android app called ‘Exactly’, which offers access to all titles. In 2012, they began offering publishers the additional option to offer apps on the Kindle Fire through the Amazon app store.

In 2012, Exact Editions launched its first complete digital archive for Gramophone magazine, offering subscribers access to 90 years’ worth of back issues (1,000 issues in total). Since then, Dazed & Confused’s 20 year archive and The Wire’s 30 year archive have also been released.[3]

The company recently rolled out a geo-location feature called ByPlace™ across their iOS apps. This capability allows publishers to make their iTunes app freely available from a specific place, or several places, for a specified period of time, by specifying the geo-coordinates.

Exact Editions’ titles span a variety of subjects (news, music, technology, sport) and varying frequencies of publication (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

Who they work with

Exact Editions works with over 100 publishers, including:

Exact Editions apps

Exact Editions recently launched their own app "Exactly"[16] in the Apple App Store for downloading onto iPhones, iPod Touches[17] and the iPad.[18]

They have also produced branded apps for several publishers using the "freemium" model with "in-app purchasing".[19]


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