Executive Policy Bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea

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The Executive Policy Bureau of the Workers' Party of Korea, until the 7th Congress known as the Secretariat, manages the work of the Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea and its Presidium, headed by the Chairman and made up of the party vice-chairmen.

Along with the Politburo and Central Control Committee, the Bureau is one of the three power organizations subordinate to the Party Central Committee. Also, the Bureau is involved in coordination of the party structure.[1] It has authority in the Worker' Party of Korea, but does not have policy-making influence. The Politburo and its Presidium can elect or appoint officials in the Bureau. According to the charter of the WPK, "The Executive Policy Bureau periodically discusses and decides on the problems of cadres, internal problems of the party, and other tasks of the party, and supervises the execution of party decisions".[2][3]

The body was known as the Secretariat from its establishment in October 1966 to its reorganization into the Executive Policy Bureau at the 7th Congress in May 2016.


Members of Secretariat since 2014 are:

  1. Kim Jong-un
  2. Kim Kyong-hui
  3. Kim Ki-nam
  4. Choe Thae-bok
  5. Choe Ryong-hae
  6. Pak To-chun
  7. Kim Yang-gon
  8. Kim Phyong-hae
  9. Kwak Pom-gi
  10. O Su Yong
  11. Kang Sok-ju

Executive Policy Bureau of the Party Central Committee since May 2016:

  • Chairman of the WPK: Kim Jong Un
  • Vice-Chairmen of the Party Central Committee: Choe Ryong Hae, Kim Ki Nam, Choe Thae Bok, Ri Su Yong, Kim Phyong Hae, O Su Yong, Kwak Pom Gi, Kim Yong Chol and Ri Man Gon


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