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"Hey, you; stop staring at that dead body and start looking at my dress! Look at it!!! It's got a Bill stain!!! He's going to lie about it, you just watch, and then you and me and everybody will talk about it and nothing else for a full year!"
For a satirical example of how fall-back propaganda works, apply it to the famous Star Wars cantina scene:

Propaganda: "Greedo shot first!"
Fall-back propaganda: "Han shot first!"

The real truth is that only one of them fired his weapon. This version of the film scene is now the least known, as it is no longer commercially sold or shown on television.

Virtually every topic of any political utility whatsoever is shrouded under multiple layers of propaganda and fall-back propaganda.

Fall-back propaganda refers to the lesser political scandals and disinformation that the Shadow Party promulgates in order to maintain an illusion of prevailing healthy skepticism and journalistic inquiry free of obvious censorship. Reliably relaying propaganda is an important loyalty test for those aspiring to political careers, either directly as legislators, or in accessory roles such as punditry. Unlike official narratives promulgated through the mainstream press and government bureaucracies, fall-back propaganda is often peddled back-door through undercover operatives to credulous critics and social media, and is formulated to be easily debunked after the opposition has invested their credibility promoting it, with the opposition then being painted as foolish or worse (and henceforth, unelectable).

While sometimes wholly false, there is usually enough of an element of truth in fall-back propaganda to hook regime adversaries into wasting endless amounts of time chasing phony clues. On occasion, such as when there is a severely elevated risk of an official narrative collapsing (e.g., in the case of felony accusations piling up against a highly valued cog within the Shadow Party network), the disseminated fall-back propaganda may even be entirely true but serve to deflect attention from far more serious and damning wrongdoing. The guilty party is then slapped on the wrist over the easily-proven minor charges while reporting of his capital crimes is spiked and swept under the rug.

The ruling elite are thus able to exercise nearly complete control over all "official" information the average citizen encounters. By the time it is belatedly realized that the propaganda is either erroneous or trivial, too much time has elapsed. In this manner, the Shadow Party is able to rule without expending inordinate effort suppressing dissent. This has become especially important since the advent of the internet age has rendered leaving a trail of corpses less of a viable option than it was in years past.

An environment of saturation fall-back propaganda successfully deployed creates an oxymoric fictional reality in which fake scandals and "conspiracies" supplant real ones, and almost nothing that an individual thinks he has finally figured out is actually true. A yin of official press allegations and yang of alternative media bury the listener under an avalanche of widely diverse theories to the point that jaded veteran observers rationally conclude that the truth can only be that one thing that none of them are willing to talk about.


To "fall back" means to retreat; in the context of fall-back propaganda, it is an autotomy to misdirect.


Fall-back propaganda is intended for critics and other suspicious sorts who aren't "buying" official narratives (i.e., mainstream propaganda); its purpose is to get them to waste all of their time chasing false or expired leads or participating in co-opted phony opposition groups that repeatedly sell them out. There is a finite amount of time in each day, and the more of it spent on distraction, the less is available to encounter the truth, whether by deliberate search or happenstance. (The most odious forms of fall-back propaganda are formulated to make those who swallow it permanently unelectable.)

Here's a typical example, in which the US establishment press is overly generous in providing a "bad" (narratively-speaking) group with an exceptional amount of free publicity, enough to make you go "Hmmm...":

Don't your spidey senses tingle when the Propaganda Ministry tries to herd you around? I know mine do....
"Most of you wouldn't know your ass from a hole in the ground unless someone told you otherwise, and this uncritical naivete is why you swallowed your Deep State and fake anti-state media organ pretenses of hating and fearing my campaign promises to drain their swamp so much that they gave me around-the-clock free advertising[1] the moment I announced my candidacy in 2015 so that I could coast straight into the White House after only narrowly defeating some crippled witch with skeletons packed into her closet like cordwood. It's truly amazing how these things just randomly happen to swell guys like me when I could have instead disappeared in a poof of smoke after New Hampshire had they instead decided not to cover me at all like those shunned bastards whose names you've already forgotten. The reality is that elections are rigged, and have been for quite some time to keep the plunder trains running smoothly. Guys like me? We're actors now, and are not permitted to get anywhere near real power without decades' worth of loyalty-tests resulting in only those aspirants judged most trustworthy to follow script being anointed. (This is also why there's no incentive for us to assassinate each other, as was once popular, in case you're wondering why that never happens anymore.) Periodic voting remains as a national past-time to keep you both entertained and pacified, like a cat fascinated by a laser-pointer."

This same story was repeated across every news entity, generating what would have otherwise cost the NRA multiple tens of millions of dollars to purchase as ad-time. So what is really going on? —It is a beautiful example of pack journalism working to maintain political kayfabe, or a phony narrative replete with heroes and villains into which the reader's mind is safely shunted such that, no matter what proffered "side" he chooses to gravitate to and agitate over, the goals of his rulers are accomplished either way. It's a given that a large fraction of the article's readership support government control of property and that their sentiments regarding private firearms ownership will be cemented further by the article,—but the article is actually written for its OTHER readers: those conservatives, who must be fooled in a different way.

  • The conservative reader is reminded four times that the National Rifle Association exists (and he might recall, a month before his taxes are due, that the NRA is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization, donations to whom can be written off).
  • His Republicans lawmakers are hell-bent on protecting his 2nd Amendment rights, and the NRA donates to them.
  • Phone calls and emails haranguing various companies represent an appropriate use of hours of his time, as would sharing the article widely on social media.

That's the fantasy; here's the reality:

  • Career politicians are lying tax leeches.
  • The establishment press pulls in ad-revenue via social-media shares.
  • Burdened by Title VII or even more onerous continental requirements, most corporations are infested with virtue signalling SJWs swarming over them like blowflies on roadkill.
  • The "loyal opposition" NRA has long been a traitorous entity in the context of gun rights, intercepting millions in donations that might have gone to more worthy groups in that regard. (The NRA otherwise exists as a marketing "heel" intended to have useful idiots frothing at the mouth.)

General categories of fall-back propaganda

  • Sexual scandals
—Offensive usage: "This person is threatening our interests; accuse him of a crime! Or just #MeToo him! He'll be found not-guilty after he's lost the election or resigned! Or maybe he goes to jail anyway, like we care (do we control a judge in that district?)."
—Defensive usage: "Our man is in trouble; let's dog and pony a blowjob scandal to show we mean business about punishing perjury while he smirks on camera like a total alpha. Alternatively, we'll feed conspiracies alleging he's screwing kids or trafficking sex-slaves or something else so preposterous as to inoculate him from further criticism and permanently impugn the credibility of anyone stupid enough to relay them."
—Spurious sexual scandals may be employed as a demonstration of power and control over narratives, e.g., for example a politically important cog who is obviously and even incessantly guilty of far worse being "punished" when the lightest of possible allegations are pursued by controlled-opposition "heels".
  • Weapon- or military-related stories
—Offensive: "Drone-strikes are killing our covert proxy army; this must stop! Trot out the bodies on CNN!", "If it bleeds, it leads!", "Never let a tragedy go to waste!", "Gun violence!" "Nukes! Panic! Aauggghhhh!"
—Defensive: "Police have a tough job!", "We must arm teachers to protect the kids!", "The NRA defends your 2nd Amendment rights!"
  • "Greed" and financial corruption
—Offensive usage: "Fomenting malicious envy is necessary to instigate class conflict!"
—Defensive: "Our man is in trouble; let's float press stories accusing him of doing something utterly mundane and non-criminal, such as being concerned with profit if he is in business or of spending tax-money if he is a Congressman. Our media wing pretends to be 'out to get him' while talking about nothing important. Get the rubes excited over ten-million-dollar "bridges to nowhere". *Trillions* will fly into our pockets while they obsess over infinitesimals."

List of fall-back propaganda narratives

Corrupting the language

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
English Newspeak
Thought-experiment: read the following text out loud: "Anarchism is the political manifestation of liberty; Capitalism is the economic manifestation of liberty." —If having to say that jerked you up all defensive with fingers itching to type furiously, it's because you've been marinated, by government educationists and mass media, in that other language replete with bastardized definitions concocted by professional parasites on a mission to justify their existence at others' expense while enlisting your support as shock troops to their cause. They bury concepts by destroying the words defining them. So ingrained is their conditioning in your hind-brain that, even if you intuitively realize that some term ought to define the concept comprising "economic manifestation of liberty", you're nevertheless reflexively unwilling to permit that particular word be used because you've accepted its theft into service as a descriptive connoting any alleged nefariousness committed by entities with more money than you (and will that envy ever be stoked by the lamprey with its hooks into your subconsciousness: "Steal some for me, too!" it softly hisses).

Full immersion in newspeak is realized when you consider it a moral crime for anyone to withhold their own property should the government, or you, insist that they or you should have it instead; at that point, the very concept of ownership has been destroyed for you, you've successfully argued for your own enslavement, and you have been reduced to a pack-predator mindlessly obeying the edicts of your alpha boss. You fancy yourself better than the weakling "sheeple" whose property you'll tax into oblivion, even though you be the lowest-ranking incel mutt on Team Dog. The "sheep" is at least capable of producing wool; what are you good for?

Even Rand, the foremost defender of the right of property in the 20th century, committed an error in accepting the 19th century hijacking of the definition of "anarchy" (concept-stolen by Proudhon in 1840). The ancient Greek "ἀναρχία" literally meant (without)(tyrants). This was bastardized by the socialists, who, while not desirous of being ruled by anyone, certainly had every intention of telling everyone else what to do, starting with what they could own (property, i.e., capital) and how they could disperse it (trade, free of the predations of socialist parasitism). But then what is "socialism" anyway if not a Newspeak term itself? It's certainly not social in any gregarious sense.

"Wikipedia is not a dictionary!", exclaims that other place. Well of course not! Why would it open up already-seized language terrain to renewed ownership dispute? Its philosophy is: "What is yours will become mine, and what is mine will remain mine." —And here you thought that "PC terminology" and euphemasia were the worst of it, when they merely denote the words and concepts being bastardizing today. Consider how much vastly more of the language was torpedoed and sunk beneath the waves long before you were born.

The Crime of the Blackest Dye

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
The first ten words of Article 1, Section 8 Creature from Jekyll Island; Sixteenth Amendment; Oath Keepers
The thievery is right there, under your nose: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes..." —What do you think that means, *slave*? But here you are, moaning about all those other things as if the first didn't exist to pave the way for any of them, or you're alternatively wrapping yourself up in your precious Bill of Rights which is bloody attached to the thing, a national charter founded in treason and excoriated as "the crime of the blackest dye, as it strikes at the hearts of millions", and which was famously burned on courthouse steps as "a Covenant with Death, (and) an Agreement with Hell," is now worshiped as the bulwark of liberty when it is in actuality the oppressor's primary tool. Some of you pledge an "oath" to this codified robbery established in an 1787 coup foisted over an assemblage of colonies that had freed itself as the result of a war waged over outrages such as a tax on stamps. "No," you'll protest, "...the war was fought over 'No Taxation Without Representation'!" <laugh> Do you really believe that? Would you risk your life fighting for *that*? Risk dying for the opportunity to robbed by scum near rather than scum afar? —Don't be silly; of course you wouldn't. Nobody would die for that. But liberty? ...That's worth fighting for.

The real "New World Order"

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back outlets:
The Shadow Party SES; New World Order; CFR; Koch brothers; VRWC; InfoWars; Ben Swann; Bilderbergers; Jooooz; Paleface socialism; QAnon; etc.
It's totally true, and you need to face it: You're just a tax-slave. Your masters try very hard to fool you into assuming you control your own fate at the ballot, but it's a ruse. Who are they? ...Let's just say that they've taken to heart their Laozi, to wit: "The best of all rulers is but a shadowy presence to his subject" ("best" being in the eye of the beholder, of course). Alternative conspiratorial organizations exist for you to endlessly indulge your fascination. Some of them may even be real, and may even overlap with the Shadow Party itself. —What's important is that you are side-tracked following the bit-players, the also-rans, the smeared innocents, and "heels" worn as ablative armor, all while remaining oblivious as to who is actually calling the shots.

It is an ingrained, latent assumption among most contemporary "conspiracy" researchers that getting rich is the "Deep State"'s ultimate goal, and hence their fixation with corporate revolving-door associations with government. Well, I hate to break it to you, but the "Chicago Mob" who rode in with Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. had a lot more on its mind than money (if only we were so fortunate that mere larceny was the extent of their ambition), and their animus considerably predates Bretton Woods, the founding of the Fed, or Rockefeller selling his first drop of kerosene. The SES, for example, is just one tentacle, not the whole Yog-Sothoth (who has considerably in excess of eight of them), and it could not possibly function with any degree of required secrecy without the in-consort operations of the others.

The Lying Bastard's Hit Parade

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
A mountain of corpses The Lewinsky Shitbomb [1]
There's nothing better than a ridiculously irrelevant sexual scandal (even a ginned-up fake one) to shove everything else off the front page (with an able assist from the FCC and FBI in going after any stragglers).

Who's Zoomin' Who?

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
Invasion of Chechnya No blood for oil
Show of hands: Who among you who protested Russia's lackey Saddam getting his ass kicked also marched in opposition to Putin invading Georgia, Chechnya, and Ukraine? Please don't lie all at once, now.

One asset after another

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
Commie Kerry's tin-plated medals Lyin' Dan takes one for the team
One candidate took what he thought was the easiest "military hero" route prefacing a run at the Presidency, and Purple Hearted every unworthy nick and scratch in an attempt to get out as quickly as possible (his yellow-streak was outed by his fellow servicemen); the other candidate trained in the most insanely dangerous capacity as a driver of flying bombs. Needless to say, the first one who ran off to immediately head a communist front-group with Jane Fonda was not the one labeled a coward by the press. Say, did you know that Rather got his start by lying at Dealey Plaza? (I'll bet you didn't.) —Committed mendacity like that does not go unrewarded, and only a ruthlessly efficient internet could finally derail forty years worth of his loyal drudgery in the Propaganda Ministry in 2004. (Addendum: the fall-back propaganda would continue in 2015, starring that always reliably Red comrade, with CBS publicizing the film by announcing it would not accept ads for it (thus granting it far more publicity than it would have received otherwise.)

The Permanent Cold War

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
Russia's Islamist proxy army 9/11 was an inside job, Mossad did it, Saddam-was-CIA, OBL-was-CIA, CIA-this, CIA-that, etc.
The best way to discredit any investigation into your own bloody rise to power,[2] is to have your active measures division flood-filling Western airwaves with lies concerning an Islamist attack over there. (And the icing really is on the cake if you actually had something to do with that as well.)

Red Diaper Baby Presidents

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
The Red Diaper Baby President His stupid birth-certificates
"We've been training this whelp to rule over you since his literal conception; however, as the spotlight is obviously going to be all over him (or at least your expectation that your 'investigative' journalists look into things), we'll give you something sufficiently nebulous to waste your time on in case you don't believe what our shills at the Gray Lady write. But don't you you fret; our grip over the establishment press is much stronger now than it was back in '04 when we had to let Rather go as a scapegoat. How silly we were back then assuming we couldn't just completely ignore anything said on the internet, because we rule meatspace. Face the facts: You're never going to leave the basement and put up your dukes."

The "loyal opposition" gun lobby

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
GOA; III%ers; ghost guns Cuckservative Donation Fund (tax-exempt!)
"You have exactly two choices, citizen: agitate for our stronger gun control legislation to save the children, or give generously to the tax-exempt NRA to defend your 2nd Amendment rights. We will remind you of only these options ad nauseam because we thrive on polarizing the citizenry. Would it help if we could get the NRA to defend a pig cop who gunned down a kid in a wrong-address no-knock drug raid? We'll get right on that...."

Will the real commies please stand up?

The reality withheld: Permissible fall-back propaganda alternatives:
Secretary of State Project marionettes[3][4] "Russian meddling threw the election to Trump!"
Already enjoying considerable success in marketing KGB-alumnus Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "conservative", "right-wing" "strongman" (among other labels calculated to increase his standing in "high-T" nationalist movements) instead of as the Leninist that he certainly is, the Shadow Party-controlled permanent bureaucracy and establishment press would in 2016 incongruously accuse Russia of meddling in the US presidential election of Donald Trump.

Aside from being a seemingly de rigueur instance of attack-journalism in an election year, it was a classic case of fall-back propaganda primarily intended to influence those whom they knew wouldn't buy the official narrative: The flip-flop into an ostensibly anti-Russian stance enabled the Shadow Party to solve a plaguing annoyance inhibiting its integration of populist sentiment: So long as the Left was openly pinko, it was difficult to drag conservatives into supporting Russian objectives no matter how much prior propaganda they'd already swallowed. But with the establishment press and official bureaucracies now feigning an anti-Russian stance, the "Russia is our ally against the Deep State cabal!" fall-back propaganda narrative became much easier to peddle.

Their turns at the wheel over, the likes of Frank Marshall Davis, Jr., Hillary Clinton, and "Piss Boy" Al Franken, etc. trundle off into the sunset, their myriad capital crimes unexamined and soon forgotten, to be replaced by the next fresh crop of Shadow Party drones while everyone excitedly squabbles over dangled rubbish.

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