Fallout (heavy metal band)

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Origin Brooklyn, New York
Genres Heavy metal, thrash metal
Years active 1979 - 1982
Labels Silver Records
Associated acts Carnivore, Original Sin, Agnostic Front
Past members Peter Steele
Josh Silver
John Campos
Louie Beateaux

Fallout was a heavy metal band formed in 1979 based out of Brooklyn, New York, USA. The band contained future Type O Negative members Peter Steele (then billed under his birth name, Peter Ratajczyk) on bass and vocals and Josh Silver on keyboards, as well as John Campos on guitars and Agnostic Front drummer Louie Beateaux (then billed as Lou Beato) on drums.[1] Fallout released only one record before the band's demise in 1982, the "Rock Hard" 7" single, released in 1981 on Silver Records and limited to 500 copies.[1] This record was produced by Richard Termini and William Wittman.

After three years of steady gigging, Fallout broke up. Peter and Louie went on to form Carnivore, and Josh and John formed Original Sin. After the breakup of Original Sin, John Campos went on to form his own production company: Powerhouse Entertainment Group, Inc.[1] John recorded, produced, and wrote songs for many independent and major label artists, such as Bret Reilly, Surfing Moses, Jennifer Marks, Alex Skolnick, the Tito Puente band, Jimmy Delgado, Fat Joe, Mink, and more. He now runs a studio and production company out of Astoria, New York called One Mind Music.

Past members


  • Untitled 7" single (1981)

Other known songs that were recorded at Soundscape are "Parthenophagia", "Fallout", "Under The Wheels", "Executioner", "Bleed for Me" and an assortment of instrumental 'experiments' none of which have officially been released nor bootlegged. Fallout also recorded the first version of the 'World War Three' Soundscape as an introduction to the song "Fallout". This piece includes synthesized explosions, gunfire and sirens performed by Richard Termini on the Oberheim TVS-1 Synthesizer and recorded to analog tape. The Soundscape includes screams and death cries performed by the band, the roadies and their girlfriends. This 'World War Three' Soundscape was recreated by Termini for the band Carnivore and is on the self-titled album Carnivore (1985).

In detail

Untitled 7’’ single

  1. Rock Hard (Side A)
  2. Batteries Not included (Side B)


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