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The Feinstein AK Mag is a 3D printed magazine for the AK-47 assault rifle.[1][2] It was created by Defense Distributed and made public on March 2013.[1][2] The magazine was created using a Stratasys Dimension SST 3-D printer via the fused deposition modeling (FDM) method.[3]

It is a 30-round 7.62×39 AK-47 magazine.[2] It is named after the anti-gun congresswoman Dianne Feinstein.[1][4] Cody Wilson (founder of Defense Distributed), said the magazine’s name is a symbol of what’s happening in congress and reflects Defense Distributed's belief the proposed ban on assault weapons by Dianne Feinstein will fail.[4] The original prototype was able to withstand 60 rounds before it began to crack.[5]

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