Felice Chiusano

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Felice Chiusano (28 March 1922 - 3 February 1990) was one of the singers of Quartetto Cetra, a popular Italian vocal quartet.


Chiusano was born in Fondi, in the province of Latina of southern Lazio.

He was a self-taught guitarist. He left his native village before his twentieth birthday and moved to Rome. After work, he performed in local clubs as singer and guitarist.

He successfully auditioned for EIAR, the Italian national radio broadcasting company, and worked as a singer for the various radio orchestras.

In 1941, he replaced Enrico Gentile in the line-up of Quartetto Ritmo, a vocal quartet that immediately renamed to Quartetto Cetra.

Felice Chiusano was widely recognized as the "bald head" of Quartetto Cetra, famous for his humour and funny jokes.

During the 1970s and 1980s, as Quartetto Cetra gradually scaled back their public appearances, he also worked in the organization of shows and cultural events.

He died in Milan in 1990.